Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome back present

I guess Rhys wanted to give his original doctor a big welcome back, because he's keeping him on his toes. Rhys' blood cultures came back negative so antibiotics have been suspended (thank goodness). They were going to resume feedings today since his tummy did not have an infection, but now we have new issues so still no more milk. Rhys' urine output has declined to basically zero and his blood pressure was still low this morning, so we've added back the two blood pressure meds we'd previously gotten rid of. The doctor said this might be because he just finished the 10 day course of steroids for his lungs and his body is responding to no longer having that steroid. Now they've also started him on a 3-day course of a lesser strength steroid for his blood pressure that he's had before and responded to. He required ativan this morning to help him relax because his O2 saturation was falling into the 50s and 60s when the nurse touched him. His oxygen is around 85% today, as compared to 60% yesterday. He has also received a saline solution to try to help him pee and it was successful so they are going to give him a second one. He is about to get an ultrasound on his heart to check out his PDA so hopefully he'll handle that well. It's quite possible I've forgotten something, which wouldn't be hard to do since there is a lot going on with little man right now.

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