Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rhys has another primary nurse

So Rhys' primary nurse count is up to three and we love all of them! And he does too! It's great when he has a primary nurse on shift, so with three in rotation hopefully that will be more often than not. Rhys needed a little more pressure on the oscillator today to open up some areas of his lungs that weren't staying open on the lower pressure. His O2 was about 88% when I got in this morning, but is about 50% right now. Based on the latest chest x-ray and O2 level they have decreased the pressure slightly from what it was this morning. His milk feedings are up to 4cc since he has been taking them well. Dr. Gloom said today that Rhys is a fighter (which we all have known). He says we need new, healthy lung tissue to grow, so if we can get his feedings increased so little man can gain some weight we might have a "fighting chance". At this point we are praying that we avoid infection, that little man does not fall back to square one when the steroids are finished, and that he can tolerate the increased feedings to allow him to grow so his little lungs get better.
Lastly, cowlick or curl? Look on the top picture, on the front right portion of his head. Previously we thought maybe it was just stuck from the tape that held down the IV he had in his head. The nurse cleaned that though and the curl still remains. Cody got funny and has added a poll at the right side of the blog, so cast your vote!


Dynette said...

Keep on taking those baby steps Rhys! Soon you will be walking out the door! I was so happy to hear that he is drinking his milk! My continued prayers and support are with you all always.

Jackie Scales said...

Hi! This is Jackie, James' sister. Just wanted to let you know that we've been keeping up with Rhys' progress and have been praying for all of you. He looks like such a cutie! I am in the area so if there is ANYTHING y'all need, please call me anytime.

Pachar Family said...

I'm loving the new pics! He's so beautiful. I will continue to pray for our little fighter. Keep your faith. He's going to be just fine. Give him baby hugs and kisses for me. We love you all very much. :)

amyoutlaw said...

I'm glad that Dr. Gloom sees what we see....he's a fighter.

Angie and Jason said...

Rhys, keep fighting! I love to hear that he is taking mommy's milk! That is SO wonderful for him. I love looking at the pictures of that handsome little man! He's precious. We pray every day for those little lungs. We pray for your sound mind and rest.
Love you all!

DCM Photography said...

My friend Ben sent me the link to your blog. We are parents of a 24 weeker. My hear aches for you and your family. Looks like you're able to do kangaroo care, that is such an awesome feeling!

Please feel free to email with quesitons/ concerns or just to talk. My wife and I would love to help out any way we can.




Baby Rhys said...

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my Mommy & Daddy. I love my storytime, my Daddy's sense of humor and my Mommy's beautiful smile. Most of all I love you for being at the hospital EVERY day to route me on.
Please remember to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Love, Rhys

Jenny said...

He is so big and CUTE! Seriously, those pictures are great...he doesn't even look like a premie!
Keep fighting, Rhys! We are praying for you to get off that oscillator soon, to stay free of infection, and to tolerate all feeds. Hang in there, Candice & Cody...I pray God gives you His peace on a daily, hourly, second-ly :) basis...that you will lean on Him to get through every part of every day.

Jenny (Kolkhorst) Sanchez
Coy's Aunt