Monday, August 25, 2008

PDA update

Okay so no PDA surgery right now. The echo revealed a "trivial" PDA that was causing insignificant blood flow to the lungs. This should be great news, but we are somewhat confused. We were mentally prepared to deal with surgery tomorrow and now it's suddenly on hold. This doesn't mean the PDA will close on its own, it could in fact reopen all the way tomorrow I suppose, but as of now it's been decided to postpone the surgery and continue to monitor the PDA.
We were also told that Rhys is somewhat "steroid dependent", in that he responds well and very quickly when they give him steroids. Apparently there is a new school of thought among the medical community that perhaps preemies' adrenal glands can be immature and not produce enough steroids (the kind your body makes naturally). Rhys would fit into that category it seems, so the endocrinologist team has been called to take a look. I'm glad he is responding well to the steroids, but have heard of all their potential side effects (everything has a potential side effect). I am very nervous about all these meds, I don't want him to have zero quality of life later on because he needs all this extra support right now. I'm having a hard time with that lately.
Tonight they are going to try to wean down the oscillator and see how he does. Another trial and error (think the last traditional vent change).


amyoutlaw said...

Well, no surgery is a good thing. We'll just pray for no long lasting effects of these medications!!

Brian said...

The doctors would not willingly prescribe a course of medication which would definitely lead to a poor quality of life in the future. Do not worry about this - they know what they are doing. Risks exist, but the doctors play that game very well. After all, the oath is to preserve both life and quality of life.

Here's to hope...specifically, the hope that the only side effect to Rhys' steroids will be super-gigantic baby muscles!

Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

I talked to Bernie last night and we are going to go up there to see you and the family this weekend. We can't wait to meet Rhys in person and continue to pray for a fast recovery!

rkfentem said...

I continue to think about you and Rhys always. Thanks for sharing about him and I will pray for no lasting side effects.

- Kristin