Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kangaroo Care (3 days in a row!)

Today Rhys got to Kangaroo care with mommy. I don't think little man enjoyed his Kangaroo caring today. He was acting up while spending time with Candice. He seemed to do really well in his isolette though. His vent settings were reduced today which is a step in the right direction. His x-rays showed his lungs are clearer than they have been lately, but they also showed that his little intestines are backed up! We need Rhys to POOP! He is getting full feeds (17 cc's = 3.5 tsp = 0.6 oz) every 3 hours. Late tonight they should start fortifying the milk with more vitamins and minerals. Normal milk has about 20 calories per oz. Fortified milk has 24 calories per oz. So little man should start packing on the oz's soon! The doctor came by today and said she was pleased with his progress - we'll take that!


Angie and Jason said...

I will say a prayer for a serious dirty diaper! I'm so glad he is getting to eat so much and that his little lungs are clearing up. The Kangaroo care is amazing, I'm so glad y'all get to spend some "close" time with him. I'll take "little" great news all day every day! God Bless all three of you. I want you all to rest well tonight.
The Grisel Family

Chris & AnnMarie said...

Candice and Cody,

I am so happy that he's doing so well on the vent and y'all are able to Kangaroo care. That is so amazing! I love watching the videos to see the sweet little man. Keep 'em comin!

You guys are in are constant thoughts and prayers. I am so happy he is gaining weight and on full feeds. And we'll be praying for poop too! (Coy had some constipation issues as well...)

Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you or if you have any questions/concerns.

Thanks for faithfully updating and for all the good photos and videos!

Chris & Ann Marie Kolkhorst

kendradianne said...

Thanks for always keeping us updated. I am so happy to see such wonderful progress. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Kendra, Jason & Ian Schofield (your mom's neighbor from Jasper)

Pachar Family said...

Yay Baby Rhys!! I'm so happy that he's having good days. I love that you are both getting to do kangaroo care. I know it does his little body good. We are continuing to pray for great progress. We love you guys. ;)