Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Kangaroo today

Rhys got to kangaroo with daddy today for two and a half hours! What a lucky little man. He is still on the traditional vent, with settings much the same as yesterday. His O2 is in the 50s and he has been snoozing since we got here. The weekend doctor is happy with his progress. She sees him occasionally when she is on call, but not consistently. She said he has come along way. His little tummy is super full from all the milk (he is up to 17cc per feed today with no TPN or IL) and the nurse thinks it's getting a little backed up.

Another 23 weeker came into the pod today and to the team's amazement he is breathing on his own with 21% oxygen. It is strange hearing his cries since all the other babies in the pod are on vents and you can not hear them. I was curious about the process of admitting babies into the pod since we obviously were not present when our boys were brought up. It's unbelievable to me still that these babies (including Rhys) have a chance because of the medical technology available today. Please pray for baby Adam and his family.


amyoutlaw said...

That's really cool. 2 days in a row!!! Woo-Hoo! See ya'll tomorrow.

Angie and Jason said...

WOW! I love these pictures and how he LOVES kangaroo time with mommy and daddy. Not to mention how mommy and daddy love it even more!!! Your blog is amazing and looks wonderful! I love ya'll. See you soon!