Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 20

We camped out at the hospital last night just in case the weather prevented us from getting to the hospital today. Cody is up here and is getting to spend some more time with little man because of the rain.
Rhys is still off his paralytic and trying to adjust. His oscillator settings are back up, so I am wondering if this is still considered progress? It's great he hasn't needed the paralytic to keep him from dropping his stats (small victory), but now the settings are back up. I realize they can't keep him paralyzed forever, but when I see the doctor again I want to get his view of things. I guess if they want to wean him back down to the traditional ventilator and keep him off so many meds they have to start somewhere. The idea is to see how he responds by allowing him a chance to recover on his own without the help of the meds. He isn't totally melting down when he is handled and his O2 saturation is hovering in the upper 80s and low 90s. He is moving a great deal and is actually breathing over the oscillator. Again, this isn't good while on the oscillator because it goes against the way the machine works, but it's great he is trying to breath on his own. Instead of the paralytic they are increasing his morphine as needed and giving him ativan to calm him down. He had another transfusion started this morning and this time he has an IV in his head. I am really glad I wasn't here to see that one put in!


Knott said...

Candice, Cody, and sweet Rhys,
I found your blog from Baby Coy's blog who we were in the NICU with earlier this year. Our son, Cooper, was born 12 weeks early in February. Although we didn't experience all the same things as you have, it brings all the memories back. Please know that our family is praying hard for all of you. The love and support from everyone around you makes a world of difference. We will pray for Rhys' lungs, PDA, and breathing. Please let us know if you would like to talk or need a hand. We are in the Houston area and we will be back up at the hospital in the next month or so for doctor's visits.
Lisa Knott (Cooper's mom)

thereeves said...

Candice, I've been praying for you. You have always been a fighter and I know that Rhys will be as well. I've shared your story with our women's ministry in Bellville, Texas, and all the moms - and dads - are holding you all close in prayer. Will keep those prayers going for you and Cody, and Rhys! You were always an amazing student, and I know you'll be an even better mom!

Lou Reeves -
one of your former OHS teachers

Angie and Jason said...

Today is a good day, not too intense of a storm, my birthday , your brothers birthday, and most of all little Rhys' 21st day of fighting! Yay! I love you all. Thanks for the text. You are such an amazing friend to remember me in a time such as this. Not only are you very special to me, but Rhys sure has the greatest mommy and daddy!!
We are still praying for those little lungs to rid the fluid, the PDA to close (with whatever help is needed), and his adjustments not to bother him too badly.
Lots of love and hugs,
Angie, Jason & Tatum

rkfentem said...

Candice -

I think of you always. I wish I was at the office yesterday to see you. You guys are so strong, and I am so glad to see Rhys got a little ( OK maybe a lot :) ) of you in him. He is such a little fighter and I can't wait to see him! Take care and please know I am praying for you.

- Kristin

John and Kelly said...


I am still praying for you and for baby Rhys. If you need anything at all - we are here. We are at Hermann frequently!

Kelly Sherrill (Kyle's Mom)

amyoutlaw said...

I'm glad ya'll got a room at RMcHouse. Looking forward to seeing little man on Thur. Still praying daily. Like Suzanne said, first thing on my mind in the morning and last thing when I go to bed at night.