Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rhys is 4 weeks old today

I can not believe it has been that long already since our boys were born. And, I can not believe we've been camping out at the hospital for nearly a month. Rhys gave the team a little excitement last night when his breathing tube came out. This apparently happened around midnight and they didn't want to call and scare us so they waited until this morning to tell. They say there were no issues getting it back in and he is none the worse for wear, so I am thankful they didn't call because I'd have probably freaked out seeing the hospital number on caller id. They think the tape around his mouth was loosened and it eventually worked its way free, so now the tape is on there good and his little cheeks are squished. He still appears to be resting well and not fidgeting. His feeds are still at 4cc, though the doctor mentioned possibly increasing them tomorrow or Friday. I am very excited he is tolerating his feeds, it gives me hope that he will gain a little weight and grow new, healthy lung tissue.
Today is also our 3 year anniversary! Rhys (with a little help from Grammy I suspect) had a card for us when I walked in today. He was even thoughtful enough to put his feet print in there. :o)


Cain Family said...

He is so beautiful! Every picture you post looks better than the last. Better color to his skin, growing, just a healthier appearance all together. Happy Anniversary to you both. What a strong marriage and love you have for each other. We are glad to hear Rhys is getting better. We love you and are continuing to pray for you all.

-Aimee and Family

amyoutlaw said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Isn't this #4? Wow, Rhys is super thoughtful at such a young age.

Menges Family: said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Wow - three years already...reminds you how fast time can go - soon we will all be looking back on today and telling 3yr. old Rhys how much we all love him and how strong he was!

aunt suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That Rhys, his parents raised him to be a thoughtful little baby.

Wishing you a blissful,calm, tender day for your anniversary.

Praying your little gift gives you more and more joy today and everday. we love you

Jean said...

Way to go Rhys......not only are you a handsome little man but very smart and thoughtful. It has to be your curly hair, or is it the straight hair, that makes you so thoughtful???


Love and Prayers,
Aunt Jean

rkfentem said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. I am glad to hear Rhys is doing better. He is such a handsome little man. I am sure you are both so proud.

- Kristin