Monday, July 30, 2012

July update

B-man is still a toothless wonder.  He is this close to have a tooth though, the bottom ones are about to poke through.  Finally!  He has been giving us fits with his teething.  He's still mostly army crawling because he is ninja-fast that way, but he'll occasionally make it up on all fours.  We're trying to make him understand he can balance on his own, and he will usually stand for a few seconds until he realizes he IS standing without the benefit of holding onto anything.  He then plops down on his bottom and starts crawling again.  I have seen him get a little crazy and remove his support hand when cruising from one edge to another so I'm hoping we have a walker sooner rather than later.  I'm so excited he will starting school this fall, but I can't believe he's even old enough for it.

Little Miss Sass is full of energy.  Her vocabulary has exploded and she amazes us every day with the words coming out of her mouth.  Swimming is something she very much enjoys and she'll be moving from the "baby" class to the "big" pool in September.  She's noticed swimming on TV and points out water and swimming pools when she sees them.  2024 Olympics anyone?  I'm kidding.  Or, am I?  Her and B will be in neighboring classes at school so I'm anxious to see how she handles it.  She is such a mother hen and is constantly going to check on one of the boys, promptly returning to report on what they're doing.  I hope she can focus on her class, knowing B is going to be next door.

We received a letter that Rhys will change campuses this coming school year.  The letter was poorly written and contained no information other than that.  I received it on a Thursday, after 5 p.m., and wouldn't you know that ISD offices are closed Fridays through the summer.  Despite leaving a message for the "program coordinator", she never called back.  When I called and got on her on the phone she was rude and completely unresponsive to any of my questions.  All I wanted were details of the move.... teacher, class time, why he was being moved, etc.  I sadly had to contact her boss and Rhys's current school principle to get the whole story.  A couple conversations and a huge complaint later I had all my info.  Rhys's whole class, including his fantastic teachers, are moving to the new campus.  The campus is not in our neighborhood, which could pose a problem for length of transportation and potential conflict of outside therapy, but it is a new campus and has a regular pre-k class that Rhys's program will be integrated with.  I am so excited about this to be honest.  I am worried for the disruption it will cause Rhys, but I think the new program is going to be a great benefit to him.  His vocabulary is exploding also.  He picks up words and phrases that Zoe uses, so I can only imagine what school with average kids with do for him.

And speaking of progress, Rhys's neurologist was visibly excited to see how he's doing.  At our checkup last week you could actually see how pleased he was with all Rhys could do.  That does my heart good.  Cody and I know Rhys is doing great things, but it is so fun, yes fun!, to see doctors also get excited about it.  He told us again that Rhys's MRI from last year showed no signs of anything to be concerned with, and with his recent progress there is no "ceiling" that he would currently put on Rhys's development.

Rhys is very attached to his iPad (it goes everywhere, including the doctor).  He tells us he wants to eat so we'll put him in his chair and give him the iPad.  It was originally intended for all the kids, but Rhys has taken it over so we "had" to buy a second one for the other kids.  Yes, I understand that is ridiculous.  But fair is fair.  Zoe doesn't play it nearly as much as Rhys does, but Rhys also can't run and play like the other two so he doesn't have strict time limits for iPad usage.  Zoe has puzzles and educational games she loves to play and to be honest I love to watch her.  I'm amazed to see what she knows.  B is currently content to carry around the old cell phones and play with those, but he does like to watch Rhys play.  I'm sure that wont last long... they always seem to want what the other has.

And finally, we're getting Rhys's new stroller.  I am completely jazzed about it because it's been a long time coming.  Delay after delay getting paper work submitted, and then a 6+ week delay after the wrong color was sent, has made this order take at least 5 months.  I should be picking it up this week and I can't wait to get it.  It is sure to make our lives much easier, and I'm hoping it allows us to get out and about more, knowing Rhys is comfortable.  There is a canopy like a regular stroller, an attachable tray (that will be super helpful), you can make it rear-racing, support for proper sitting, raised height and I can't remember all the other bells and whistles.  Much more age appropriate for a poor 4-year-old that is reaching the max length limits of our other strollers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

happy birthday, Rhys!

Happy 4th birthday to our super preemie, Rhys!

We can't imagine life without you, buddy.

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And to sweet baby Bentley, not a day goes by that we don't think of you.

We miss you tons.  <3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy birthday, Beckett!

One year ago today I held this cutie for the first
time and fell madly in love.

Happy first birthday, Beckett!

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