Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 41

So today we are much the same as yesterday. The pod was crazy busy today, we now have 7 babies in here and it is quite cramped. I think Rhys doesn't care for the noise so much. His vent settings are down (woohoo!) and his oxygen is in the high 50s. His O2 saturation is up and down, he falls and then comes up on his own. The doctor mentioned that they are pushing him a little, but I think they are pushing him a lot. His vent setting had a MAP of 15 yesterday and now they are at a MAP of 13. The MAP is the mean air pressure and is the pressure at which the oscillator keeps his lungs open. If/when he can be stable at a MAP of 12 they will try the traditional vent again, and they want this to happen by Friday. On one hand I appreciate them nudging Rhys in that direction, but on the other I don't want all his settings to be cranked up again when this doesn't work. I guess the other alternative would be to stay where he is and not make any progress.
Little man is getting a lot of tummy time and I am loving that as much as he is. He only has one nurse brave enough to put him on his tummy while he's on the paint shaker so she tries to give him as much tummy time as he can handle when she's on shift. The problem with the oscillator is that the tubing is rather short and very stuff so there isn't much flexibility to move things. She said today we need to try to figure out a way to Kangaroo on the oscillator. I don't think that will happen but it would be awesome if someone could figure it out. Rhys is getting 4cc of milk per feeding, compared to 3cc yesterday. Hopefully they will be able to keep increasing and get him quickly back to where he was before.

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