Thursday, February 21, 2013

long overdue

My goal for 2013 was to get back to blogging, but as you can see it's taken me almost two months to make that happen.  Here is a recap of the last few months, in cell phone pics so please excuse the photo quality.

Rhys's school pic this year.  And Zoe's and Beckett's.  Zoe wasn't amused, and B didn't know what the heck to think of taking pictures.


The kiddos at Zoo Boo.  Rhys had his second annual NICU reunion.

My breakfast crew on the weekend Cody was in Africa.  Don't let this fool you.  I didn't take all three out in public by myself... we hit the drive-through! 

The kids playing in the lobby of the doctor's office.  The two littles absolutely did not want to leave.  Before it was all over Cody ended up in the lobby with them, while I finished up in the exam room with Rhys.  That was a loooong appointment.

No words necessary.

B's first haircut.  He was an angel.  Oh wait, this was his second haircut... we didn't get pics of the first.


What can I say?  My kids don't like fictional characters...

 Cutest little reindeer you ever did see.

Our poor boy landed himself in the hospital the week before Christmas.  Every winter he's had horrible issues with drainage.  The drainage is really bad, and to make matters worse it goes down his throat instead of draining out his nose.  So combine that drainage with an instant gag reflex and you can imagine how fun that is for us.  We've struggled with this every allergy season since he was born.

This year I had Cody take him to the doctor to see if he could get some Rx strength meds to help him out.  Wouldn't you know he tested positive for RSV on top of everything else.  I guess we're lucky we managed to miss it for four years.  He was satting low 90s at the doctor and was sounding junky, and because of his history he was ordered straight to the ER.  Six days later he was discharged (on Christmas Eve).  It was a really rough week for us.  The doctor's complicated everything by not listening to us.  They walked into his room every 15 minutes it seemed and made no efforts to coordinate their care.  In my frustration I actually yelled at a few nurses and had strong words with the floor docs (one of who walked out of the room on me during a conversation, isn't that awesome).  We've done O2 before.  We know how it works.  And as crazy as it sounds Rhys seems to sat the same whether he's on 3 liters or 1 liter.  At one point they had Rhys on a high-flow cannula at SEVEN liters.  Are you kidding me, that's like hurricane force winds.  And they actually asked me why he was breathing out of his mouth.  GRRR.  Anyway, when we explained the situation to his regular pedi she took him off the high-flow cannula and he swapped him to a regular cannula on less than 2 liters.  That's the summary, and I yes I know there was more involved, but I was so incredibly frustrated at the nurses' willingness to come in and crank up the O2 willy-nilly. Thank goodness we have such a great relationship with his pedi office doctors.  So Rhys came home on oxygen and despite my worries he actually only needed it for a few days.  It took him longer, however, to regain his strength... he wasn't 100% for weeks afterwards.  Overall he did unbelievably well considering his history and it could have been far worse.

We just celebrated my cousin's birthday at Minute Maid Park.  How exciting!  The kids loved it!

Z on her way to school.  I've been trying to snap random pics more often.  I was so good about it until recently.  On the right is Zoe at the zoo a few weeks ago.  Zoe and Rhys loved it!

Do you see how B is standing?  Who would think this boy is the same one that took the school pic
up there ^^^?  He is a model model now.

Thanks for checking back with us!  I am going to try harder to post at regular intervals.  I miss blogging and sharing the kiddos with you!