Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm sad it's been two months since I posted, but I'll try to make up for it.  The kids all started school and have done well.  Despite Rhys's new campus location he has barely made a peep.  There has been one or two days of very mild whining, but no gagging fits like last year.  He has the same bus driver (thank you for small miracles) and same teachers so I think that made things easier on him.  He looks forward to the bus and acts so grown up.  He is a happy little guy when he gets home and tells me "I so happy... home, mama".  Of course he's happy because he now gets his iPad, which he lives on as much as we allow.

Zoe was not at all crazy about her new classroom situation, but the transition has been much smoother than last year for her as well.  She has two teachers and my feeling is that one is not a personality match with her.  The lady is missing the TLC factor that gives you the warm fuzzies and make the young kids comfortable.  Well, that's my impression anyway.  My first experience with that, but probably not my last.  Beckett on the other hand has been smooth sailing.  One of his two teachers is the same as last year, and they're actually both wonderful.  He has no tears when I hand him over, and other than his typical fussiness when hungry or tired he has done so well!  All the kids in school has given me my first opportunity to have time to myself, dare I said it... alone!!
Rhys continues with his weekly therapy and is doing SO well is swimming.  He can flip from face down to his back to "rescue" himself and float.  He is floating unassisted for a little more than two minutes.  He needs to do this for five minutes to pass his float test.  When we started this swimming two years ago we never anticipated he'd be able to do this so we are amazed.  Think about it... he has CP, poor overall muscle control, yet he is capable of managing to do this.  Yea!  In addition to his other therapy, we've added equine therapy.  I am SO excited about it.  SO excited.  I've honestly been dreaming of this day for two whole years.  I have called numerous places trying to find something suitable for him, but none of the stables around us were equipped for kids less than four years of age.  As soon as he turned four I was on the phone again.  I have heard so many wonderful things about equine therapy and I'm really hoping this will push him over the edge on his trunk control.  He loved the horses and surprise of all surprises, he did not fight the helmet.  This is a big deal because Rhys does not like much messing with his head/face, and he does not wear hats without a fight!