Tuesday, May 15, 2012

end of the school year

All my babies love each other.  They just do.  That isn't to say they don't have their moments, but overall the all three play so well together.  For which I am so grateful.  You may say that they're young, and you would be right.  But I have several friends with kids similar in age to ours and they do not get along like this.  So I recognize I am lucky and will take it for as long as I can!

This month marks the end of school for Zoe and Rhys.  For Rhys I am excited.  He has learned SO much this year.  More on that later.  For Zoe, I am sad.  I am not normally the one who gets emotional about this type of stuff, but picking her up on her last day today was really sad for me.  I thumbed through the album of photos and art projects the teachers put together and I actually got teary eyed.  It  means she's growing up.  Where is my baby?

Rhys isn't finished until the end of the month, but I am already dreading looking forward to having all three kids in the house all week long.  I have developed a new appreciation for all the parents who I've heard bemoan Christmas/spring break/summer when their kids are at home.  Luckily, Cody's job has an every-other-Friday-off schedule so hopefully we'll be able to pack in some trips to the zoo, children's museum and neighborhood water park.

So what's happened since our last update (that was a very long time ago)?  I'm gald you asked!

  • my little sugar pie is crawling all over the place, he started right after Zoe's birthday and has perfected the army crawl/snake slither technique
  • he gets up on all fours and rocks, but hasn't put it into motion yet
  • he is pulling up on shorter height surfaces (ie. window, kid chairs, etc), but hasn't quite made it to pulling up on the couch
  • his balance is still wonky and instead of falling on his butt he falls all the way backwards on his back and knocks his head
  • we're really having to watch this little guy because he's sneaky and loves to explore
  • se is such a happy baby, and only really cries when he wants to be picked up/held/is tired or hungry
  • he loves to snuggle and he loves his momma!
  • has quadrupled her vocabulary in the last month, no joke
  • she knows more than I ever thought a barely-two-year-old could know
  • is too smart for her own good
  • has really started to slim down and I am finally (yea!) able to find cute shoes for her - a really big deal for me after suffering from only being able to literally find TWO pair that would fit until a couple months ago
  • is very into her dolls
  • is very impatient
  • gives a lot of kisses and has started to say "I love you", "excuse you" (she means 'excuse me'), "thank you" and "you're welcome"
  • is SO funny, but gets put in to timeout almost on a daily basis for unnecessary screaming
  • is doing great in swim and is really enjoying it - her and Rhys are in the same pool together during their lesson, but have different teachers
  • enjoys dancing and art, and recognizes the theme songs from her favorite shows
  • knows most of her colors and is great at puzzles
  • is almost FOUR!
  • had a fantastic ARD report
  • is (according to his teacher) the only of her students to ever meet all their goals within the school year, and she's been at this for a while
  • is speaking a lot lately, including:
    • momma
    • dada
    • Nonna (my mother)
    • night night
    • up - for picking him up or getting him down from his chair
    • nono
    • more
    • bye bye
    • hi
    • bath
    • speaks letter sounds and numbers
    • what's that
    • is doing a great job at repeating on command, which is hard for him to process
  • knows numbers, letters, letter sounds and colors - I can't say he knows all of them but he definitely knows most of them - AMAZING!
  • is getting a new super duper stroller, which will make our lives so much easier
  • still loves to crawl
  • loves to torment Zoe
  • wrestles with his toys
  • loves to play cars, to be outside and loves to swing
  • thoroughly enjoys anything action - sports, games, car racing, etc