Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another day...

Last night Rhys had a few bad gases and his oxygen was up again this morning, but the day nurse got him weaned back down to about 70%. Again, today was much the same as yesterday. The oscillator settings seem to mostly be staying put. A new doctor is on call now and we were told that even though Rhys' blood gases weren't completely holding steady she wanted to see what he could do on his own without tweaking. As we have mentioned before, Rhys doesn't seem to care for change, so this approach was interesting to us. His blood gases were good while we were there today, and he only had one minor change (for the good) right before we left. His head sores look a little better since he has his gel pillow and has been rotated consistently from his left to right side. Any sore/open wound is a concern since that is always a potential for infection so they are all taken seriously. I got to change his diaper again today and boy are his little legs skinny. He weighed in yesterday at 1 pound 14 ounces, though a lot of this weight is due to the fluids he has pumped into him. His little eyes are moving beneath his eyelids and you can tell he really wants to open them. Every once in a while you can see him raise his little eyebrow and I can imagine him blinking and squinting. Stability (relative to what we were dealing with earlier in the week) is great, but we are still praying for any improvement that will allow the doctors to address his PDA. We need continued forward progress to allow little man to get better.


amyoutlaw said...

I really enjoyed spending time with ya'll and Rhys today. He's looking so much better! Plus I liked the Nurse V. She's a go getter!


Jennie said...

Rhys is such a trooper. I know I would be really agitated getting moved and tested constantly. Stay focused and strong, his progress will come. Looking back on all of this, the rest of his life will be a piece of cake.

Angie and Jason said...

You all are in our thoughts and prayers all day... every day. We love you. Rest well if you can, stay strong no matter what, keep focused on your faith. You guys are such an amazing family, what an inspiration to us all and most of all to baby Rhys! I LOVE his name by the way, it totally fits him, the spelling and all. He's a handsome baby with a handsome spelling. Hugs and prayers for you all.

Crystal M said...

He is looking so much bigger already in the new pictures! He is truly a little miracle and continues to show us adults what a true fighter is. I do believe all of Southeast Texas and Houston know of little Rhys and are praying for him every day. Wow, what could be any more powerful than that!? You both are truly inspiring and your strength is what is going to move Rhys' mountains. We look forward to reading up on you all daily and hope you and Cody are getting the rest you need. We love you.

JOsh, Crystal & Colton Myers

Jenny said...

Rhys is a fighter, as are both of you! Thank you for taking the time to update your blog...I have been keeping up with it from the beginning, and have been praying for Rhys and for both of you and your families.

You mentioned in another post how scary it is to walk into Rhys' pod (and I know it's scary to call up there, as well...Ann Marie always had Chris call). In a Bible study I'm doing the author gave a long list of Bible verses dealing with fear. I thought this one might help you out...

"He will have no fear of bad news his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord."

Psalm 112:7

I am praying not only for GOd to cast out all fear, but also specifically for good blood gases, decreased vent settings, for Rhys to get off the oscillator, for Rhys to open his eyes soon, for him to have perfect vision, for God to regulate the fluid in his body, for Rhys to be protected from any and all pain, for both of you to have peace, rest, encouragement, and patience to get through the next day.

Hang in there...y'all are doing an amazing job.

Jenny (Kolkhorst) Sanchez
Coy's aunt
(Chris' sister, Kathy's daughter)

aunt suzanne said...

Thrilled to hear your excitement in the little things. like changing his diaper! We're all tuned in to every little bit of news you provide. "Codice" and Rhys, first on my mind in the morning and the last prayer on my heart at night. Peace be with you.

Macy said...

Candice and Cody:
This is Macy McDaniel. I wanted to let you both know that your family has been in my prayers from day one and will continue to be as yall continue on your journey. Also, my sisters at church and my Catholic Daughter group have been praying for your family. We will continue to ask the Lord to hear your wants and needs at this fragile time. God Bless, Macy