Saturday, August 9, 2008

Still making some progress

Little man is still making a little progress. We were told the first 24 hours of the steroid sees the most effect. He made fantastic progress yesterday and is still making little forward movements today as well. This is a 10 day course of steroids, so the hope is that they can get him off the paint shaker and onto the traditional ventilator while he's doing well. My concern is that when the course of steroids are over that he will be right back at square one. I am told this is a possibility, but again that the hope is he can "catch up" while on the steroids. I am hearing a bit of differing opinion on the PDA, one doctor sounds like he would like to close it while another seems to think it isn't a huge issue right now. I am interested to see how that pans out in the coming days.
Today the oscillator settings are down a bit more, he had a great blood gas at 1pm and his oxygen is up a bit (but that is to be expected since his vent settings are lower). They are feeding him again today, 3cc this time, and the first feeding he tolerated very well. Cody and I have changed his diaper several times today and he is doing great with the urine output; however as we have mentioned previously he does NOT enjoy being messed with. If he could cry he would have been screaming at both of us. His little face got beet red and his lower lip was quivering. Poor little guy just wants to be left alone. But, one of his favorite nurses is back on shift tonight, so I know he is excited about that. Oh, and daddy read him a story that I know he loved.


Chris & AnnMarie said...

Way to go, Rhys! We're so proud of you! Small steps lead to a big recovery!

I'm SO glad to hear he's responding well to the steriods. Candice, I was concerned too about Coy going back to "square one" after the did happen one time, but the second round worked and Coy never looked back.

Thanks for updating us. We check the blog several times a day to hear about sweet Rhys.

Keep going guys. Y'all are so incredibly strong and courageous. We are praying and believing in total healing of Rhys.

Chris & Ann Marie Kolkhorst

Cain Family said...

Baby steps are the best steps. Sounds like progress is being made. That's wonderful! I am so glad that you and cody are starting to be able to enjoy some of the simple times with Rhys that most parents take for granted,like diaper duty and storytime. Keep the faith. Your family is so amazingly strong and the support everyone is sending is such a blessing.

Much love,

Angie and Jason said...

Praise the Lord! Baby steps are great steps. To see/hear the word progress, is a wonderful thing. Anything little is great. Go Rhys!! I'm glad he is responding to the steroids and I am pleased to hear that his vent settings are down. The doctors will figure out what they want to do with the PDA, try... if you can... not to worry too much. We are here for you and Cody, you know that. We are praying, hard, every day. You are loved. Give Rhys my love. I'm so pleased to hear that Rhys Logan got some story time today! That is precious.

aunt suzanne said...

Nothing like vast quantities of pee to cheer up a mom and dad.'s a good thing.

Steroids....make a body good!!!