Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 1 month to Rhys

Today our little man is one month old. One of his favorite nurses is back this weekend and he's getting some tummy time right now. Rhys' belly looked suspiciously swollen last night, so the team ran some blood work, drew more blood cultures and temporarily suspended feedings. The x-rays only showed "gas" bubbles, but they want to give him a little break just to make sure. His blood work results looked like he may have the beginnings of an infection so they started him on antibiotics as a precaution until the blood cultures come back. He also received some blood last night so this morning and he is nice and pink.
Rhys' original primary doctor is back on call today and he just made the rounds. I would say the conversation was neutral, nothing necessarily good (other than Rhys is still with us) or bad. The previous doctor had restricted Rhys' fluid intake to try to keep some of the fluid off his lungs; however this doctor says he isn't going to grow on limited fluids so he is going to increase his fluids and start a round of diuretics at the same time. He said it is just going to continue to be ups and downs, but we "are used to it". Thanks!


meredith said...

Happy Birthday Rys! You are always in my prayers.

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Hooray for Rhys!

Don't get too discouraged about the doctors' lack of encouragement. We didn't start hearing good things until Ryan was at least 2 months old.

I'm praying for little Rhys


Angie and Jason said...

Happy 1 month, sweet baby Rhys!! We are praying for continued improvement for Rhys. Lord, I pray for his lungs to grow new tissue to help him heal. I pray for the fluid to stay off the lungs and for you Candice and Cody, strength and peace of mind. He's a fighter and he'll keep fighting. I also pray that the milk he was able to handle will help him fight the infection (if even there is one). You two are quite strong and we are so proud of you. Both of you are such wonderful parents. Rhys sure is lucky.
Lots of hugs for you!
The Grisel Family

Brian said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Keep making wet diapers
And occasional poo, too

Love and shizzle from Amy and Brian