Friday, August 15, 2008

Little man is still snoozing

The last two days have been decent. Rhys really seems to like his high oscillator settings, but they make me a little (okay, a lot) uneasy. We have reversed the previous trend of better days than nights. His last few days haven't been horrible, but apparently his afternoons/nights are better so they try to turn down his vent settings, but then they go back to where they were the next morning because he doesn't like them. His O2, which is currently in the mid 50's, has ranged from 40% to 80%.

This is day 4 or 5 of consistent sleep, for which I am unbelievably grateful. He desperately needed to quit squirming and get some good rest. Now, he will occasionally crack his eyes to check something out, but for the most part you can't even get him to open his eyes when he is being turned or having his diaper changed. This, however, does not prevent him from letting you know he isn't happy. That's my boy! His feeds increased from 4cc to 6cc yesterday, and increased again to 9cc today. FANTASTIC! I pray throughout the day that he continues to stay strong, tolerate his feeds and grow like a weed so he can have healthy lung tissue. They should weigh and measure him again this coming Monday so hopefully he's made a little progress.

At last glance there were over 70, no make that 80, votes on Cody's poll. All I can say is WOW, where did all those people come from?!? Please continue to help us pray for Rhys' continued and full recovery.


Aunt Myra said...

He looks so cozy & comfortable. Candice, I'm so glad you posted because your Uncle Jimmy has been calling me asking about him. He checks every time he gets a break at Dupont and was starting to get worried. :) Maggie said to tell you she's been praying for Baby Rhys and Kelli said Jackson has too, but he has decided to quit saying Amen at the end of his prayer! Oh well, he's a 2 yr old with a mind of he own (just wait). Kelli said they're working on it.... Love y'all... I'm sending kisses and hugs to your little man.

Angie and Jason said...

Baby Rhys is so precious. He is such a cutie and looks to be so peaceful! I'm glad to hear about his wonderful tolorance of feedings, that is such great news. Also, we continue with prayers daily for his little lungs to become stronger. I can't wait to see his new pictures and find out how much he weighs.
Lots of love to all 3 of you!


aunt suzanne said... is a mighty and wonderful thing.

amyoutlaw said...

Yeah Rhys! Keep tolerating the bmilk. It's a wonder drug. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!