Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, the nurse practitioner came to check little man out and she couldn't find anything. She said he was looking good, lungs were sounding good, etc. They switched out his O2 saturation probe, changed his diaper and repositioned him. That helped a little - he slowly started to creep back down a bit, but he was still on very high oxygen relative to what he had been the last few days.

Around 5pm he got fed again. After his feed was finished the nurse changed his diaper and it was a massive dirty diaper. I would say it could easily be considered a blow out in preemie terms, I think some even ended up on his blanket. His O2 is now in the low 60s and I bet his little tummy is feeling a lot better. He still has a little roly poly belly so I am thinking there might be more to come.


amyoutlaw said...

Whew is right! Way to poop little man.

Jean said...

I love all the pictures...they are beautiful. Thank you for your daily updates.

My prayers and thoughts are always with you.

Aunt Jean

bran1005 said...

may there be many more blow outs to come :0)

Nancy said...

everything comes down to poo! way to go rhys!