Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New doctor rotation for Sept

It's tough being Rhys...
More time with the Zaky (he is going to be
dragging this thing around for the next three years)
Rhys is doing well today, though he is nearing the end of his steroid course. I am a little worried at what is going to happen when the steroids stop since he's been dubbed "steroid dependent". There is a new attending and fellow doctor on duty and that makes me nervous for the transition period where they learn their patients. This attending was there during their delivery so she at least knows of us (she remembered Cody).

Today they decreased the pressure a small amount again and his O2 is up a bit to high 60s/low 70s. They continue to decrease his morphine and versed and he seems to be taking that well. He is a sensitive little guy and still doesn't care to be messed with, so I think it's good they are able to wean on his sedation. His milk is up to 20cc per feed, and he has little to no residual which is fantastic. Little man likes to eat! He had two really dirty diapers this morning so his tummy is feeling much better I'm sure. No kangaroo yesterday or today. He has an IV in his foot from his blood transfusion so I haven't asked about it. The IV makes me nervous. I know I didn't like anything touching my IV so I would rather not mess with him while he's got one.


aunt suzanne said...

Who knew poop was so exciting!!! the bigger the better. Put a Dr. Seuss book in his isolette, see if that helps.

A new dr., a new perspective, could be good news. He looks bigger than his zaky. Wow. That's saying a lot. Post weight!!!!!!!We love you.

Menges Family: said...

I love that little "woah is me" pose - he is just too cute!!

Parker's mom said...

Candice what great news! Rhys is doing well! and happy 7 week birthday to him! Who would have thought we would get SO excited over poop! I get really excited over it! Especially when he does it on his own! Thank you for adding Parker's blog to Rhys' site! Rhys' will be added to Parker's sometime soon! Whenever my hubby can get to it! Kisses and hugs from his micro buddy Parker and his mommy!