Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sweet baby boy

Big goings on in the pod today for little man. His vent pressure was reduced to where it had been previously and his breaths per minute went down to 40. You heard me right, that is a four followed by a zero. This might not sound like a big deal, but for Rhys it's fantastic. His vent settings were never this low prior to the paint shaker. And, his O2 was slightly less than 50%. Again, amazing for Rhys.

He got more kangaroo today as well, nearly three hours worth. He was mostly good though he desatted a few times, but I think his tummy is bothering him a little. And, nurse was able to suction up a good amount of gunk from his lungs. Overall a great day for us at the NICU. Tomorrow we are going to try to give him a bath if he is up to it. We went and bought him some lotion tonight. His Nonna (my mother) has reeeeally been wanting to lather him up with lotion since he has all his little crusties. I opted for the organic variety and got laughed at. The way I see it, at this point this is one of the only things I can control so nothing but the best for my baby boy.

Rhys also got some visitors today, cousins from Nacogdoches. They brought him a gift from Build-A-Bear. This is his TAMU ninja (really karate but ninja sounds better) bear! Cody has decided that at each of Rhys' milestones in the NICU we are going to upgrade his belt. Now he is a yellow belt and when he gets to come home he will progress to a black belt. Whoop! Also, he recently received TWO of his very own Zakys from SP (you know who you are). He says thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lastly, please pray for Olivia and Parker. Olivia recently underwent eye surgery and Parker is currently battling an infection. And thank you again to all who read and follow Rhys' blog, especially those we've never met who are sharing their similar experiences. Words can not describe the connection you feel with others who've ridden the NICU roller coaster. We've been amazed at the number of people logging in and blessed by your support. Keep the comments coming, we love to hear from you all.


Pachar Family said...

So glad to hear the good news! Our little ninja will have his black belt before you know it! Kiss him for us. We love y'all.

Aunt Myra said...


Jennie said...

This is great news. Congrats and keep doing whatever you've been doing because it seems to be working fantastically.

Angie and Jason said...

"Atta boy", Rhys! Good news, is great news! We love y'all. Hugs for everyone!