Friday, September 12, 2008

More fun with Ike

Rhys decided to shake things up for the nurses last night - he pulled out his vent tube. Okay, so he didn't muscle it out himself, but I'm sure he helped it. I am guessing the tape got loose again and combined with his moving so much and grabbing onto his tubes he extabated himself around 3am this morning. They ran several blood gases to make sure he was okay after his ordeal and he recovered enough for them to knock down the pressure on the vent by one. Today he is apparently extremely moody and has required quite a bit of morphine and ativan. He's been on his tummy since that usually allows him to require less oxygen, and he's trying to push himself up. He was on 100% O2 this morning after he lost his tube and he'd been knocked down to 80% after the sedatives kicked in and he relaxed a little. They upped his albuterol treatments from every 6 hours to every 2. That makes me nervous, why all of a sudden does he need it that often? They just ran a blood gas and his CO2 was in the 80s - not good. Immediately after his albuterol treatment his O2 can be decreased to the 40s so it's good the albuterol is working, but what is going on? The nurse said that sometimes the babies react to the barometric pressure so I really hope that is all it is.

Sheesh, what timing. Since Rhys had been doing well for the last week and we got kicked out of our hotel near the hospital, Cody and I decided to stay at the house vs piling in on top of the crazy amount of staff in the NICU. Big mistake. Now I am stressing about the fact that we won't be able to get up there for at least another day, if not more. At least Rhys has his weekend primary nurse there for the storm. I know she's taking good care of him.


Jodi said...

Wow, I'm so sorry. As if you need anything else to worry about, the weather has to do this to you. I am a big believer in mood changes due to barometric pressure changes. Olivia did that while she was in the NICU as well (she extubated herself a couple of times too.) Hopefully, the bad weather passes quickly and you will be able to get up to the hospital. Thinking of all of you!

Anonymous said...

Rhys is in good hands, probably the best hands the world has to offer. You will see him Sunday at the very latest, so hang in there guys.

aunt suzanne said...

Too much stress. But, one good thing, this forces you two to spend some alone time with each other. I suspect you never have really quiet time to talk, to cuddle to just listen to each other without any distractions. I pray for your safety. Fortunately, Rhys is WELL cared for and getting a great deal of one on one. We love you.

Wendy Beth said...

Baby boy is going to be in good care. I pray for Rhys' continued improvement and for some peace of mind for Mommy and Daddy over the next 24 hours. Call the NICU as many times as you feel like it for updates, I'm sure they won't mind. Can't wait for more updates.

Parker's mom said...

Candice, Cody and Rhys,
We got our Zaky and glove Thursday! Thank you so much! It was really sweet to send Parker the glove! As soon as the nurse put the Zaky on him he settled right down! he seems to love it! I am glad to hear Rhys is feisty! Feisty is good! Parker is a master at extubating himself! usually its just his feeding tube though! Once he got out his vent tube! Still praying for ya!
Mere and Parker