Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend update

Still no word on Rhys' EEG results, though the doctors have said more than once he has exhibited no signs of behavior indicative of seizures - they just want to rule this out. Hopefully we will get them early this week. The doctors wrote the order for Rhys' vaccines today, but Cody and I haven't consented yet. I think the plan is to sign it tomorrow so they can send to the pharmacy and allow the nurse to get them in time for me to kangaroo after they're administered. I'm not looking forward to these shots. The dose is the same as a "normal" 2 month old that is 4x heavier. That is a lot of drug to inject into a tiny 3 pounder. Rhys is not going to be happy.

Rhys is still dropping is O2 sats, he's back and forth from 100 to the 40s and then back to 100. Now he is also dropping his heart rate while he does this. Not so exciting to see your child turn blue and then watch his heart rate drop from 180 to 80 in a matter of seconds. This is apparently not uncommon for preemies born at his gestation, but it is still a little freaky to witness. He is still getting hot frequently and is requiring the isolette "doors" to be opened to cool him down. The nurse last night got very concerned that he was getting a fever so blood work was ordered, but came back fine. We've mentioned before that they like to wait until the babies are 1800 grams (4 pounds) before they remove them from the isolette, but we're hearing he might have to be moved sooner if this continues. The real concern is that he will burn valuable calories regulating his body temp. MY other concern is that he will be exposed to everyone touching him. Contact infections are a big deal in the NICU and even though I might be wrong I feel like the isolette prohibits people from wanting to reach over and touch.

Rhys had another eye exam last Thursday, with a follow up in 2-4 days. She saw the beginnings of ROP, which isn't good, but nonetheless isn't a surprise. We are in good hands with the eye doctor so I am confident she will be able to keep him from having major eye sight issues later on. As is true of most of the others, this doctor is one of the best.


Angie and Jason said...

Gosh, he's growing so fast. I feel like he's grown so much and I just saw him a few days ago. We are praying for great news on his EEG. Hopefully you will get that today. Also, it sounds like he is in good hands with his eye doctor, so he'll be just fine. Love you guys!

Chris & AnnMarie said...

Oh my goodness! I love those pictures! He's changing before our eyes! He looks so adorable!

I felt the same way about the vaccines. It was strange to me that they would get as much as a 'term' kid. But, Coy did fine with them, so hopefully Rhys will too.

About the ROP, Dr. Hittner is one of the best as I'm sure you've been told. And hopefully, if Rhys does develop ROP, he won't even need surgery with Dr. Hittner's new study.

Y'all are so amazing! Hang in ther guys! It really does get better from here. Please let us know if you need anything at all!

Pachar Family said...

Oh my, Daniel and I said at the same time, "He looks like his daddy." He looks so good! I bought hime an outfit last weekend. I can't wait to spoil him rotten! Love ya'll. ;)

Jennie said...

It's amazing how much he's changed.