Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 weeks today

Today Rhys is 8 weeks old. Such a short amount of time, but without question the most significant and demanding of our lives. I might have said it before, but Cody and I cannot remember our life without the NICU.

Rhys continues to make progress. The doctor is very happy with how far he's come. His vent settings are at 31bpm and the pressure is the same. The doctor said she was going to make one more decrease on the bpm setting tomorrow and then try to start weaning the pressure. Rhys' feeds are at 24cc, so he's getting close to one ounce (~30cc)! Since he isn't getting his sedatives he is much more feisty. Apparently he gets that from me? :o) He was seriously attacking his tubes today and was sucking on them like a pacifier. He squirms a lot and moves enough to get himself in an uncomfortable position. It almost seems like he's frustrated that he can't move more, but I am not really sure he is capable of that emotion right now. Anyway, another good day for little man. We are preparing for the hurricane that seems to be determined to keep inching its direction towards Houston. So, for everyone in the potential path of the hurricane stay safe!


Alicia said...

Happy 8-week-birthday, Rhys! Mattie and John want to eat cake with you today!

Stay safe you guys...we're praying for all y'all to be missed by the bad storm.

Alicia, Levi, Mattie Joy, and John

aunt suzanne said...

Candice...are you feisty?????Can you even believe it's been 8 weeks!! I bet they have been the longest 8 wks. of your lives. and still, at this point they seem to have flown by. You and Cody will be taking your son home before you know it. Celebrating your gift of life, Baby Rhys.

John and Kelly said...

Thinking about you this weekend as you ride out the Hurricane with Baby Rhys! and Happy 8 week birthday!