Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stinky Ike

Well, so much for having a hotel room in the medical center. Cody and I had a hotel booked at the Marriott across from the hospital for the next few nights, however after they let us book very late last night AND check in around noon today they kicked every one out. I understand the need for safety of employees and customers, but the hurricane has been headed towards Houston since at least yesterday morning so why let everyone rely on the hotel only to be told to leave after they get settled? They nicely told me they could put us up near the ball park, but they didn't have an answer on how that would help me get into the flooded medical district to see my child in the hospital. Brilliant!

Another good day for Rhys. No changes to the vent today, but his blood gas was good this morning so they are going to try to sneak in and wean down his pressure by one early Friday morning and see how he handles that. We saw his primary neonatal in the hall today (though he isn't on schedule until the second half of the month) and he smiled at us and said "he's looking pretty good". Rhys is now on no morphine, except as needed. He is so funny to watch and it is amazing to see his personality coming through even at this stage of his life. He doesn't open his eyes so much except when he's really awake (usually after he's been moved and well messed with). Occasionally he'll take a peek for a second or two and then squint his eyes really tight like he didn't like what he saw. Most other times he raises his eye brows reeeeally high like he's in the middle of a dream and almost waking up. I could stare at him all day long. He is going to be a handful for certain.


Kelly said...

My son was in the NICU for hurricane Rita and they allowed us to stay at the hospital. We all camped out in the halls.

Brian said...

Boo Marriott! That's why Starwoods (Westin, W, etc.) is superior - they actually understand the human condition. We were staying at the St. Regis a while back and Amy got very sick - not only did they let us check out at 4pm, but they brought her chicken soup to help her get better. Boo Marriott!