Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 50

Rhys hasn't been so happy today, he is acting fussy. His O2 right now is 61%. He sats 100 and then 5 seconds later he is in the 50s, only to come back up to 100 again. It could be because they are continually decreasing his versed and morphine - they had to give him a dose of ativan last night. But, maybe not, who knows? His weight is up to 2 pounds 11 ounces (1210 grams) as of the last weigh in, so he's moving in the right direction. They removed the IV from his foot, yea!, but now his little foot wants to turn outwards at nearly a 45 degree angle. Poor little guy can't win. I was told he got a very good bath last night, and as far as I know that was his first. His skin is nice and soft, and his hair is a little mussed but the cow lick/curl is still there. :o)

His vent settings are the same as they have been and the doctors just made the rounds and are pleased with where he is at. His x-rays are now scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays only, instead of once a day. And, they have started what the doctor called chronic diuretics, instead of the occasional lasix which is used to treat acute conditions. He is also taking treatments of albuterol every six hours. We've mentioned previously that his last dose of steroids was yesterday, so please pray that he can handle everything without requiring more.

What else can I tell you...? Oh, there was just an almost emergency in the pod and it was very reassuring to see that (literally) a dozen doctors, nurses and respiratory techs made it into the room in less than 15 seconds.


hsturner said...

albuterol every six hours
This can make you feel very on edge. My son in the past had breathing treatments and I tried them once to see what it made him feel like. It made me feel real jittery. So maybe that could be one of the reasons he's a little fussy. Prayers for all of you! He sounds like he is getting better each day.

bran1005 said...

Keep on truckin' along little Rhys!

Angie and Jason said...

Rhys... you have two of the most amazing parents I have EVER seen! Everyone knows you are a fighter and everyone knows you are going to do great things there in the NICU. We pray for his little lungs, PDA, and his weight gain. I pray that he is able to calm down and rest some. To you... Candice and Cody, we love you! C'mon Rhys, we love you little man!!

Angie, Jason & Tatum