Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeding time!

Mommy feeding Rhys
Trying to burp Daddy feeding Rhys
Sheesh Daddy!

And boy does he burp! It sounds like everything he just drank is coming back up. He is such a funny little guy. We are loving getting to see his personality more each day. Rhys is still doing fantastic! He is taking his two bottles a day very well - pretty much the whole thing. The doctors are waiting until he gets the two bottles completely down before they add on any more. Cody is actually better at it than I am. He says you have to "be firm" with him. This makes me laugh because Rhys (and future children) is going to have, wait already has, Cody wrapped around his little fingers. He is quite rotten, which is as much our fault as his nurses' fault. :o) It's hard not to spoil the guy and love on him all the time since we weren't able to for so long. It's cute now but I am certain it wont be when he gets home and wont fall asleep unless we're holding him. We're working up to a bottle at every feed, and have to address his hernias, but other than that we're counting the days until we can take our little man home! No word yet on when exactly that will be, Rhys will tell us, but we are getting so excited thinking about it. Hopefully he can stay well and keep free of germs and avoid a cold/infection this season. Cody and I are germ freaks (okay so maybe it's more me than Cody) and don't really let anyone (other than nurses, doctors, etc) touch him for this reason. Hard on the grandparents, I know, but I have my reasons. I know it is especially hard when he is doing so well to think everything is now okay, but it isn't. We will be watching everyone like a hawk for the next year and a half at least to keep him as germ free as possible. What is a normal cold for a term baby is pneumonia or worse for Rhys. He appreciates everyone's patience with this matter, it isn't because his parents are paranoid.


Jennie said...

Go Rhys!! Keep eating and getting stronger. He must know Christmas is around the corner, and he wants to be good to get lots of treats.

bran1005 said...

I'll help invest in a jumbo box of medical face masks and a super large bottle of Purell for when Rhys comes home! :0)

Glad he is putting away those bottles. Keep it up Rhys, Santa is watching!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I love looking at his little face. Still praying for you from NH! Assistant Village Idiot's wife

Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

ADORABLE! He has really made some great strides these past few weeks! Keep it up Rhys!