Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

I don't really understand how this is comfortable.Don't his hands fall asleep?
He caught a lot of zzzzz's today...
And then he was fussy.
He's thinking "man my Momma's crazy!".

This is my favorite. He looks so content.
Rhys had a great weekend. His oxygen was lower this weekend than Thursday and Friday. He was on 2 liters of flow (~84% O2) for nearly two days, but the doctor ordered lasix to get rid of some of the fluid and now his flow is at about 3/8 liter (~33%) to 3/4 liter (~45%). He has slept well the last two days. He loves his tummy, as you can see, but only after he gets settled down. He is gaining great strength in his neck, and can keep it up for longer lengths of time.

He is still taking two bottles a day. One in the morning from the physical therapist and the second in the afternoon from us (or the nurse). We are still working on keeping his mouth closed while he sucks and that is more difficult than you would think. You have to make sure the bottle is properly aligned, that he is keeping his mouth sealed, he is breathing and swallowing adequately in between two or three sucks, and then that he is maintaining his oxygen saturation. Plus, Rhys gets super tired about half way through his feed and doesn't want to work for the rest of it. But, he's doing great with it and is taking all but a few cc's per feed.


Sassani Photography said...

Can't believe he's doing so good!!! I hear you guys are going to be taking him home before Christmas...?

Angie and Jason said...

Look at that sweet baby boy! I sure hope he gets to come home for Christmas...that would be the BEST gift EVER! C'mon Rhys drink those bottles up so you can come home! :) We love y'all!

amyoutlaw said...

Love, love, love the last pic. He looks so sweet and innocent.