Friday, December 5, 2008

20 weeks

Rhys had his MRI yesterday afternoon. He did well for the most part. They weren't able to get all the scans they wanted; however they did get the critical parts they needed. Preliminary results will be back possibly today, but probably on Monday. Hopefully we will not have to repeat this exercise. While he was getting his scan they bribed him with sweeties (sugar syrup). Oh my goodness I know why they say not to give kids sugar. Rhys was wired when he came back. So much so that he couldn't concentrate on taking his bottle (they had to give it through the feeding tube). His eyes were darting back and forth and he couldn't sit still. He was very over-stimulated.

No other news to report really. Rhys' eyes continue to look good, the veins have made it to zone 3. Hernia surgery is most likely going to be postponed until 60 weeks post-conceptual age, which would be April. They will do another consult with the surgeon prior to Rhys going home. Other than the fact that we would have to be very cognizant of Rhys' hernias waiting would be so much better for little man.


DCM Photography said...

Your son is getting cuter by the day. So great to watch him grow stronger and stronger!

Parker's mom said...

Candice and Cody,
Rhys looks amazing! And so close to getting the boot from the NICU! YAY! He is so beautiful and perfect. What a big boy drinking from a bottle. You guys must be thrilled to have more things to do during care times. Will they wait until all his feedings are bottled or will they send him home with the tube? Still praying for you every night.
Mere, Parker and family