Thursday, December 11, 2008

My sweet baby boy

Our little man thinks he's quite the big boy. He can pitch a fit with the best of them. It is so sad that he immediately stops as soon as you pick him up. He certainly is learning at an early age how to get his way. But, he is such a cutie pie.

Nothing much to report tonight except Rhys' eyes look fantastic! The eye doctor examined him last night and she doesn't want to see him again until he is 1! The ROP in both his eyes has regressed. Hallelujah! This doesn't mean he will have perfect vision, but it does mean he will not need eye surgery.

On another note to those who have faithfully been praying for Rhys... Please include Baby Bella and her family in your prayers. She is a 24 weeker who is now one week old. Please read her story and pass it along. And if you feel you can, please drop her family a word of encouragement as they begin the roller coaster ride that is the NICU. The support we received from the readers of our blog helped Cody and me in a way that words can not express, so I would love to help pay it forward. God Bless!

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amyoutlaw said...

He looks so cute. Those chubby cheeks!