Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It has snowed in Houston!

For the first time in my recent memory it has snowed. And, though it melted as soon as it hit the ground there was a lot of it. Looking out the window of the hospital it was like a snow globe, specks of white floating everywhere. I took this picture as I was walking to my car tonight. All I can say is that it felt magical. Is that weird? What a strange thing to drive in a snow flurry in Houston.

Rhys is still doing fantastic. He is still taking 4 bottles a day. He weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces and has been between 1/4 liter and 1/2 liters of flow on his nasal cannula. The doctor is very pleased and says he's doing great. As far as I know our goal is still to be home by Christmas. Not sure if we will make that one if we don't start increasing his bottle feeds. But, we're so close! Christmas, New Year's... I don't care. I just want my boy home! We've been trying frantically to get our house and the nursery ready for Rhys' arrival. It's hard to get the house together since we practically live at the hospital. But, somehow we're managing (with a lot of help from family). I've previously mentioned how we've accumulated a few odds and ends for Rhys over the last several months. Well, after starting to organize the nursery I quickly discovered we need more storage. Who would have thought one little boy could have so many things??


Alicia said...

Snow! What a treat! We are eagerly anticipating our first snowfall this weekend.

We continue to pray for Rhys's strength and health, and join our hearts with yours in asking for a homecoming soon for your precious son!

Love and blessings,
Alicia, Levi, Mattie Joy, and John

Chris and Machel said...

Candice, Cody and little Rhys,
Your story is heartwarming, Machel and I have been reading it this morning after the post that you left on our blog. I am so sorry for the pain that you have experienced, but so amazed and happy for you to see the little man so big and powerful! I can't imagine Isabella at almost 8 pounds he must look so big to you. I pray with my wife for our baby but we also pray for the other babies and families in the NICU. We will pray for your family and we hope that the joy of little Rhys continues to fill your lives.
On a personal note, I am also an Aggie. I was there from 96-02. I got my udergrad in Biology/Chemistry and then got a MS in Finance. I don't know why but Cody looked familiar to me in the photos. Machel is a Longhorn so we think the comments about Rhys being a UT or Aggie football player are funny, we will surely have UT vs. A&M dress up contests at home. Well I just want to thank you for writing a comment to us and continue to be strong! Hopefully one day our children can walk together, perhaps at A&M :) They are gifts from God here for us and we are so thankful for God's love and little miracles!
With love and many thanks,
Chris, Machel and Isabella Delange