Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day of life 150

Sleep Sheep round 2 Mommy's little man Look, no feeding tube!

Rhys was bumped to 6 bottles/day yesterday, and today they have removed his feeding tube all together. They are going to attempt to exclusively bottle feed him and see how he handles it. They are also giving Rhys a little freedom to see how much he wants to eat. Previously he'd been taking 65cc (30cc = 1 ounce). If he didn't finish this amount in the bottle they'd give it to him in the feeding tube. Now they are putting 75 cc in the bottle and letting him eat what he wants. So far he's finished the whole thing. They capped it at 75cc because I think Rhys could be a little porker if they didn't. They want him to gain healthy weight at a pace that will not be more than his lungs can handle. So now he needs to continue to not require the feeding tube, and be able to gain weight on non-fortified milk. Not sure how long this will take, but I do know he's sort of fast-tracked the bottle feeding and has surprised everyone with how fast he's learned.

Rhys rolled over again yesterday. He was mad on his tummy and started lifting up and then over he went. I am waiting for the day he does this on purpose and knows what he's doing. The Sleep Sheep really seems to work for him. I think more than anything it is relaxing opposed to the crying of babies and dinging of alarms.

So, now that you have a clear shot of his face with no tape, who do you think he looks like? Every time he smiles I think he looks just like my brother, much like cousin Julian looked just like Cody when he was born. I most definitely see Cody in him though. We are both really hoping Rhys inherited Cody's dimples. The other day I saw a crease where they should be when he smiled so I hope that's what I saw.


Amber said...

He is just so adorable and you have captured some great pictures. I am one of Machel and Chris's friends and I just thank you for being so supportive of them during this time. It is just amazing to here about your families journey and I am just so thankful that Rhys is doing so well.

amyoutlaw said...

Still say Candice.

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I see some Amy in him, at least the eyes. So that part would probably come from Cody, since they are siblings after all!

Parker's mom said...

What a big boy! no feeding tube! Yet one more giant step towards the door! go Rhys! We are so proud of you! Pretty soon you will be playing in that snow you guys are so proud to have! Come play with us in Pa and we will show you some snow! Much love, kisses, and congrats from Parker and family!

Jodi said...

So proud of you, Rhys. Once Olivia's feeding tube came out, we were on the home stretch. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter (if that's possible!)

Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

I think Rhys has your eyes and Cody's nose.