Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I had a little accident when my burp brought up some
milk so I had to run naked until my bath.
Mommy hasn't pulled all her hair out just yet.
Mommy knows what time it is.
Merry Christmas to everyone.... It's been a strange holiday, but nice nonetheless. We saw the family a bit today and tonight we do Care by Parent with little man. So far he's been fussy and I don't really look for that to change. He took 2 ounces at his 6pm feed and Cody is feeding him now. He just finished his feed and Cody got him to take nearly 2.5 ounces. Way to go Daddy! Cody has been getting a little frustrated with feeling like he has been doing something wrong, but that isn't the case and I think he's finally starting to see that. If he didn't have such a gassy stomach and wasn't so hard to burp I think he would eat like a champ! Poor guy can not catch a break with his feeds. Rhys' milk has been increased to 24 calorie to help him gain the weight he lost when we started feeding the non-fortified breast milk between 1.5-2.5 ounces per feed. This didn't work so well, so we're back to being fortified and since Rhys is eating better AND having increased calories I'm hoping he starts packing on the ounces again soon.

For those not familiar with Care by Parent, it is an opportunity for the parents to take care of their baby across the hall from the NICU. It serves as sort of a trial run for you to do everything by yourself, learn the equipment (if applicable) they are going home with, but still have hospital staff available to you if necessary. The rooms you stay in are provided by Ronald McDonald House and are set up like hotel rooms. Ronald McDonald also has a lounge for the parents of the patients and provide snacks and occasional meals to the families. When not being used for Care by Parent, the rooms are available to the families to stay in free of charge. This is an unimaginable help for families such as us.

More to come... I'm sure tonight will be a sleepless night as we adjust to Rhys and do this while in an environment that isn't home.


Pachar Family said...

Merry Christmas Angel! We can't wait to see you again. :) BTW, don't get discouraged, Cody. Even after 3 I still feel like I can't get it right sometimes. I think you are both wonderful parents. Rhys is a very lucky little boy. ;)
Love you all.

Angie and Jason said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your night adjusting to little man and his schedule! You two are incredible and quite the inspiration. Rhys is a doll and I must say looks a lot like you, Candice... in the first picture! More sleep-less nights to come, you'll be great at it! Cody- you are a wonderful daddy, don't be discouraged. A gassy tummy isn't something you can help him over come sometimes! We love you all. Merry Christmas. Hug the little man for us!

Crystal M said...

Merry Christmas Outlaw Family! We hope your Care by Parent night went well. As most have said already, you are both amazing parents and truly inspiring. I couldn't agree more! The gassy tummy is one of the hardest things to adjust to as a new parent. You want to just take away all of their little pain, but know you can't and there is little you can do to comfort them. Just know it will get better, I wish I could tell you sooner than later. We are praying for a discharge date in the very near future! Love you all!

Chris and Machel said...

Merry Christmas to our extended Preemie Family! I have to agree with the strange Christmas thing. Chris and I stayed at the hospital waiting room most of the day; scared to be away from Bella only two days after her surgery. I am very excited that you all are doing Care by Parent and that maybe time is drawing near for you to go home. What a magical time. I want to thank you for reaching out to us the way you have. It has helped us tremendously and shows what remarkable people you are. Give Rhys a hug from the Delange Family. Love and God Bless!