Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 months 5 days old

We had a pretty good weekend, except Rhys has decided he isn't too interested in eating as much as he should be. The doctor changed his orders a few days ago so he now only has to take a minimum of 1.5 ounces per feed. The minimum is all the night nurses are feeding him so he is starting to lose weight. He is very difficult to feed, so we think the nurses might be a bit on the unmotivated side and they choose to not mess with him and only give him the 1.5 ounces. During the day it is still a challenge, but we can typically get him to take at least a little more than that. He took 70cc this morning and averaged about 55cc per feed until the 6pm feed when he only took 30cc. I just called and the night nurse said he took only 20cc at his 9pm feed and he lost weight again so if he doesn't do better at midnight they are going to have to put the feeding tube back in. Unfortunately, I feel like that is all but certain with the way he's been eating lately. Several people have mentioned the possibility of reflux, but he doesn't spit up so it isn't something many people have thought of until now. I guess that will require more testing. *sigh* Christmas or not, we're so dang close!!!


Emily said...

Has there been any talk about sending him home with an NG or putting in a g-tube so he's not stuck up there at the hospital for eating problems and can come home?

Kelly said...

Hi! I have been a lurker for quite some time. I was pregnant with twin girls last year and came across a blog that I started reading then that mentioned you guys in their blog and have been reading ever since.

The girls were thankfully born after 35 weeks BUT one of mine had "silent" reflux. She NEVER spit up. It was sooooooo I mean, SOOO hard to feed her. I would take her to Dr. crying because she wouldn't eat (she was also the one that sent me on bed rest as they thought TTTS). She always managed to gain just enough to not alert the Dr's. but it was so stressful for me feeding her every 3 around the clock.

I finally took video footage of trying to feed her and the Dr's then believed me that something was wrong. They sent for an upper GI where reflux was diagnosed. Silent is because she doesn't spit up, but it goes pretty high up and then burns on the way back down (so it is actually worse than reflux).

They put her on prilosec (although I wanted prevacid) and things turned around! She is actually off of her meds as of last month.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know, not sure if this is of any help or not. I hope things turn around with his feedings!!

meredith said...

You are SO close to bringing your little miracle home! I'm cheering Rhy's on! Go Rhys Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

amyoutlaw said...

Oh no! Eat Rhys!!! I hate that he doesn't want to eat.