Friday, January 29, 2010

what we're working on

Rhys has a lot of great toys. Any toy that the PT used that Rhys was interested in, or that benefited his development, we bought for him. Among his favorites is his shape sorter. You know, the little musical box that you put shaped blocks through the appropriate cut-out. Rhys really enjoys the box and the blocks, just not together as the toy was intended to be played with. Rhys doesn't take objects out or try to put them in as he should. He really likes any container, no matter what it is, without being concerned with whatever is inside.

This isn't a concern per se, it's just something the OT noticed and suggested we work on. Our solution? We bought Rhys a bowl with a suction cup on the bottom of it to put his snacks in.
We tried it for the first time today and boy was he mad when he couldn't easily remove it from his tray. This afternoon he started grabbing his snacks out of it. That's exactly what we're wanting him to do! He is doing really well getting food into his mouth, and is also working on his pincher grip.

He likes to grab a handful of snacks at a time, and some end up falling down his front. You can see his little stack accumulating on his bib. He also likes to lick one, drop it and then go for a new one.

You can see how he sometimes holds his right arm. When he starts to hold his arm back we have to gently remind him it's there and usable! His use and coordination is getting much better in his right arm, but it's still a work in progress.

But, overall Rhys enjoys being in the high chair. Which is what we're going for. We want him to have positive experiences when eating to help further encourage him to try new things.

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