Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mark your calendars

We're beginning our push for March of Dimes! We weren't organized enough last year to participate in the March for Babies, but this year we're starting a new annual tradition. I would love every one of our able-bodied friends and family to sign up to walk in support of Rhys and Bentley, Little Sister, and every other child born prematurely. You can join Team Rhys and Bentley by clicking on the donation link to the right of the blog.

Cody and I have seen first hand what this organization's research and support has done for our son and we want to contribute to it. If you donate to charity and haven't yet chosen one I would encourage you to think about March of Dimes.

Friends and family mark your calendars! The Houston walk is scheduled for:
April 25, 2010

We want a big turn out to support our kiddos!

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amyoutlaw said...

If I'm feeling fantastico, I'll walk but for sure we'll donate.