Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thankful all is still well

Little Sister's heartbeat sounds good and my cervix is still "perfect". Woohoo! The closer I get to 28 weeks the more nervous I become. That isn't the ideal delivery, but it is a major improvement over having a micro-preemie. When I asked my OB today if these weekly cervix checks are harmful he responded "I hope not!" and laughed as though he made a great joke. Gee, thanks! I really do love my OB though, and I'm so thankful he is calm and confident without acting the know-it-all and dismissing my concerns. The weekly cervix checks are being used as a tool of sorts because of my sudden delivery last time. In the event I am not showing signs of active labor, as happened previously, the frequent cervix checks and cerclage should hopefully remove the element of urgency. I had my glucose test this morning as well. Not too bad I guess. I missed that experience last time, since I actually delivered the boys the day prior to my scheduled glucose test.

Two major accomplishments for Rhys this week. First, he has suddenly decided to chew and swallow food (mostly) without spitting it out. He has never cared for yogurt melts, but two days ago he ate a whole tray full. Put them in his mouth, chewed and swallowed. He's been playing around with food for months, but he never quite chews it enough to get it down. In addition to the yogurt melts our persistence with the oatmeal has paid off. For several days now Rhys has willingly eaten quite a bit of his (adult) oatmeal. He gets a little choked up on occasion from the grains, but this is still major improvement for him. I plan on giving him a few more days with the oatmeal and then I'm going to again try the mushed up mac and cheese and spaghetti that he didn't like a few weeks ago. Poor Rhys is also having fits with his teeth again. A lower left molar just popped through and he is chewing really hard on his right side. I am beyond ready for all these teeth to be in! Second big thing, the home heath peeps picked up the O2 concentrator and portable tanks yesterday so we no longer have O2 equipment in the house!


Alicia said...

Candice, this is all so exciting! We are cheering for Little Sister all the way. :) Congrats to Rhys on the big-boy food developments! We are so happy for every good thing that is growing up in your family.

Michelle Smith said...

Way to go Mommy, Rhys and Baby Sister!