Tuesday, February 2, 2010

thirties here we come

I got a big high five from my OB today. 30 weeks is a big deal! He is always completely calm and collected, which I appreciate, but it makes it hard for me to read him sometimes. Even when I was lying on the delivery table at 23 weeks pregnant with my boys he was outwardly unfazed. I asked today what his real thoughts were of this pregnancy. In the beginning did he have concerns of me making it this far and doing this well? His response was along the lines of absolutely he was worried, he has been worried since he delivered Rhys and Bentley. He didn't want a repeat so he pulled out all the stops this time around. He is thrilled I have made it to 30 weeks with my cervix still looking good and no major worries thus far.

My blood pressure was 120/60, Little Sister's heartbeat was 150, I had another fFN test today and all looked good on my super quick mini-ultrasound. I have gained a total of 33 pounds to date and have (another) bladder infection. Ick. Much to my surprise we are going to schedule a c-section date. I assumed we'd play it by ear since things can literally change at the drop of a hat. But when I asked him today he said we are planning the delivery for 36 weeks. That prompted me to ask if it was at all possible for me to go just a bit farther. He is fine with that under one condition. He'll let me go as far as 37 weeks as long as I check into the hospital at 36 weeks "just to be safe". Well, I am okay with that! Remember, with my previous classical c-section my uterus has a higher chance of rupturing, so he wants to make sure that doesn't happen.

So, at this point I am leaning towards checking myself into the hospital to keep Little Sister cooking a few more days. All assuming I still have that option come time. My biggest concern for delivering at 36 weeks is the difference in due dates... the official one vs. what I actually am. There is a 4-5 day difference, and while that doesn't sound like a lot it could mean the difference between needing the NICU or not so I'd rather not chance it. I did receive my first of two steroid shots today to help Little Sister's lungs develop. Just in case.... you know, the story of this whole pregnancy.

I still can not believe we are only six weeks away (at most) from meeting our baby girl! I think I kicked into frantic mode today worrying about all the little stuff we are missing for the nursery. We really aren't missing a single necessity, but I went ahead and ordered everything anyway. So, Little Sister has a changing pad cushion, newborn diapers, mattress cover, night light and a few other miscellaneous items on the way!! I'm also going to put my hospital bag together this weekend so I can carry it in my car. In case during one of my weekly visits between now and then I have to be admitted unexpectedly for one reason or another.


parkertoday said...

YOUR 30 WEEKS!!!!! YAY! and even if you go at 35 it's ok! Like I have said MANY times before...Andi was a 35 weeker! She was 5lbs 10oz and came home 2 days after she was born....COMPLETELY healthy! Little "No Name" sister sounds like she is doing her job and growing and getting all fat and chubby in there so don't fret! Your not even in the "micro" part of your pregnancy anymore! You will have just a plain old baby...NOT a teeny tiny micro! You deserve ALOT of credit!
AND on a completely different subject...I am so jealous of all Rhys' hair...ok maybe not the pic of it all sticking out but the amount man! :P Poor Bug is still pretty much bald..and what little he does have is so blonde you can't see it!

Kelly said...

Congrats! That is a huge milestone.

Alicia said...

this is so awesome! congratulations on this wonderful milestone. we are so, so, so happy for all of you!

--alicia, levi, mattie, & john

Michelle Smith said...

I can't wait to meet my granddaughter. Wow this is awesome.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

30 weeks is fantastic! So happy for you! Great job Mama! You're something else!

mack said...

I'm sooo excited for you guys!!!