Tuesday, January 12, 2010

peri visit @ 27 weeks

Yesterday we had another visit with the perinatologist. Little Sister had her head buried in my side and wasn't willing to cooperate for a much of the ultrasound, but they did get all the measurements they needed. They are estimating her weight at about 2lb 4oz. Too bad she didn't get more of that 6-8 pounds I gained two weeks ago! All still looks well and she is growing properly so who cares if Mom has a few extra pounds to get rid of when this is all over? The peri did mention again that I needed more protein and less sugar/carbs. Surprise, surprise. This time she suggested eating protein in the mornings, instead of my typical cereal, and also having protein before I go to bed. Eh, I'll try it and see what happens even though it's really difficult to eat several small meals a day.

Overall I think my contractions may have increased a bit, but they are still random and not occurring every day. And they are still well below my four per hour threshold. They actually seem to happen more in late afternoon. I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable at times. I have a hitch in my back, my belly feels huge, it is an effort for me to roll over or get out of bed, and my nose is in a constant stage of stuffed up. But I'll take it since I was fairly miserable from 14 weeks on last time. Cody bought me a humidifier for my bedside table in an effort to help my nose. It's been really cold here, we've been running the heater a lot, so Rhys and I are both needing the extra help.

Speaking of Rhys, I registered him for school today. He qualifies for vision services because of his brain bleed and they are provided through the school district. I intended to turn in the paper work at the beginning of the school year, but it just got shoved to the back burner with everything else going on. So now he will be receiving vision therapy in addition to the PT, ST and OT he already gets. I'm not exactly certain how much, if any, help he needs with his vision (even though he is far sighted) but in my book any therapy will be helpful so we're signing him up!

I don't particularly like the vision provider as much as the others, though she is perfectly nice and capable. I think I got a bad first impression during her evaluation of Rhys last summer. Rhys is very delayed in many ways and at the time she saw him he wasn't doing many things appropriate for even his adjusted age. Because he didn't pay much attention to her during the assessment she started referring to Rhys's "questionable vision". It really irked me that through a 30-minute eval she determined he couldn't see, despite the fact he's been followed by one of the top pediatric opthamologists since birth. Anyway, I'm keeping an open mind and just going with it. Nothing she does will effect how things are handled anywhere else in his life, and as I said any therapy is good for him!

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