Sunday, January 3, 2010

prayer request for Peyton

The preemie community is such a wonderful thing. I am forever amazed at the network our blog has opened to us. We've recently been told of a new micro-preemie, Peyton, who was born at the same hospital as our boys. He was born at 24 weeks gestation on December 28, while his parents were in town visiting family for Christmas.

If you have encouraging words, please stop by their blog and leave them a post.

Peyton's blog


KCWoodhead said...

Thank you Candice!!!!!

Anna said...

Candice! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog. I am best friends with Peyton's mom and they are wonderful people. Little Peyton is a fighter, he is so precious and God is answering tons of prayers - brings tears to my eyes. One of the NICU nurses I met today while visiting Peyton, told me about your blog. She also said you might have a recommentation for a NICU/preemie photographer in the Houston area. I wanted to do a little research for the family.
Thank you so very much,

- if you don't mind posting the photographer info on your blog or as a comment, i can check back for the recommendation. thanks again!

Candice said...

Hi Anna! We received so much support from fellow preemie parents when we were in the NICU we have made it our mission to pay it forward, even if it is only posting prayer requests. Micro-preemies aren't something most people know anything about and it is so overwhelming to deal with an unexpected delivery and sick baby. We have become good friends with many preemie parents and we are a pretty tight group even though we may be separated by several states.

My husband and I were at the NICU literally every day Rhys was in and we came to know the staff extremely well. We try to bring Rhys up to see his old doctors/nurses when we are up there for doctors visits and I would love to say hi to Peyton's parents if they are willing.

As far as the photographer, we used the photog we had scheduled for our twins' newborn pictures. Her website is I wish the proofs were still posted online because she did a fantastic job. I can send you a few if you want to leave me your email and you can see how they turned out. She also did our son's 1 yr pics and is booked for newborn pics for the baby we are expecting in April. So basically we love her work and have continued using her. I think the link got passed around the NICU after they were taken so that is probably why the nurse mentioned it.

If you need anything else on Steve and Jaime's behalf please let me know and I will help however I can.

PS- Please tell Steve and Jaime that the doctors and nurses taking care of Peyton are second to none. They are all really great.

Karin and Thomas Werner said...

Thank you for posting this. I am great friends with the Dadds and worked with Steve ... they are such a wonderful family and am thankful that others can now learn of their story through your blog and pray for precious Peyton. Thank you.