Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today is Rhys' surgery for his hernias and circumcision. Please keep little man in your prayers this morning.

9 a.m. update - The pediatric surgeon just came out and said Rhys did great. They are going to let him wake up and "try" to extubate (I say try b/c with kiddos on O2 they sometimes can't right away). We are waiting to get back to the recovery room. His poor little penis. Mom is so worried about his man parts hurting him.

10:30 a.m. - Rhys is awake and doing well. He is understandably cranky and hungry. We are in recovery waiting on a room. He is extubated and on 1.5 liters of O2. He is starting to fuss quite a bit but we're not sure if he is in pain or what. Stay tuned.

1:30 p.m. - Finally in our room. Sheesh. Little man is not happy. He finally went to sleep, but isn't interested in eating. I don't think I'd eat if I had someone mess with my man parts either. Sweet baby. I think it's only making it worse that he isn't at home and is out of his element. Hopefully his discomfort wont last long b/c Mom is about to go nutty!

4 p.m. - Okay, Mom is ready to get the heck out of Dodge! I think Rhys would be infinitely more comfortable if he were in his own home. He has been on 1 liter of flow since we moved to the room and he is satting well. Still not the 1/4 - 1/2 liter we are on at home, but the increased support is expected and he isn't on the vent! His little man parts look like they really hurt. He had morphine in the OR, but has only had Tylenol since. Is Tylenol really adequate for pain? Tylenol doesn't even get rid of my headache so how is it supposed to manage the pain of having your penis cut and hernias repaired? I have my doubts.

8 p.m. - Cody is staying the night because I couldn't watch my baby whine with pain. Poor little man was not comfortable and the REGULAR Tylenol every SIX (yes, SIX) hours wasn't cutting it. We had the doctor paged and she tweaked his meds so hopefully that will help. Other than that Rhys doesn't have much of an appetite, but is doing well and starting to act like himself. I think he will be great in no time if they can get the pain under control. We should be out of the hospital first thing in the morning. We saw so many of Rhys' previous doctors and nurses today and even had a few people pop into the room to say hello. Here is where that Mr. Popular comes into play... :o) The whole NICU knew he was having surgery.

Today I am: 7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old
Adjusted I am: 4 months and 2 days old


bran1005 said...

I'll be thinking of you all today and will keep Rhys in my prayers! Hope everything goes well!


Kelly said...

I will be praying for all of you. I'm sure everything will go great!

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

Awesome! I am so happy that it went well. I will pray for an easy extubation!

Parker's mom said...

Glad he is doing well! Prayed for him all day...

mack said...

Poor Rhys! I am glad he is doing ok!