Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After all, it's a small world...

Today Rhys started his PT again after a FOUR week hiatus. His therapist said she was pleasantly surprised at his continued progress despite his ER trip and unplanned hernia repair. Sometimes these guys regress a bit with surgery, so she said she was very happy to see that Rhys has a self-motivation to do it on his own. He tracks people and toys much better than he did previously, he is on the verge of rolling over from back to tummy and he is much more interested in his toys than he has been. I personally think he's doing great! She did say though to try to get him to use his right hand more. I have noticed he uses his left hand a bit more than his right, but he uses his right hand frequently so I haven't been that worried about it. This is the first she's mentioned it so I am wondering if she just noticed that today or just chose to bring it up. When a child favors one side over the other it can be a sign of CP. Again, I have noticed he somewhat favors his left, but he has always used his right. I think part of it might be the way Cody and I hold him. We are both right handed so we hold him with our left arm to feed or play with him so his right side is more "confined". We both need to make it a point to keep from doing that to see if that helps him at all or if it is something else... or nothing at all.

In other news, Mr. Rhys is a popular little man. Since he's been home I have started using a little black day planner (that I have dubbed Rhys' Little Black Book) to keep track of all his "dates" - appointments, tests, sessions, therapies, etc. It has been the most handy thing I could ever have done. So, I think my phone rang a bazillion times today with people who want to see Rhys! The pedi's office called twice, the nutritionist, the home health people, the hospital speech therapist. Wow, I can't keep up! Good thing I have that little calendar or I'd be lost!

And lastly, for THE coolest thing ever that happened today... We are getting close to the end of March (end of RSV season), Rhys did great today at therapy, it was a gorgeous day, and Mom needed to get her hair cut after 5 yucky months without one. Soooo, Mom decided to treat herself and Rhys to a little outing. Rhys' Nonna (my mother) met me in town to pick him up and bring him back to the house so I could make my hair appointment, but first we decided to stop and grab lunch (GASP! I broke the rules). This little spot is a place near where I used to work and never had a crowd so I thought it would be ideal and we could keep Rhys isolated and away from lots of people. We grabbed a lone table in the corner and no one could sit around us. Score! We order and are waiting for our food when a lovely mom and her striking baby girl walk in. She is by herself - holding baby in one hand while trying to wrestle the highchair cover with the other. Rhys demands to be carried while I push the stroller single-handedly and I know this is almost impossible so I asked if she could use some help. She nicely accepts, hands me the baby, was immediately friendly and then apologized for staring at us. Hah, I hadn't noticed. :o) She then asks if I have a blog. Yes. Is that Rhys? Umm, yes. She tells me she has been reading his blog for quite some time. OMG, are you for real? You read Rhys' blog? Not only that but a few seconds later a very nice friend of hers walks in and introduces herself as a previously (personally) unknown to me blog reader who just so happened to post on my blog several times and also is the one who brought Baby Bella to my attention. Hello! What a small world. And to think, we almost ate across the street but the place was much too crowded for me to feel comfortable taking little man in. Where else does this happen? It was SOOO awesome! So to both you ladies, you totally made my day. It was a pleasure meeting you and Rhys talked non-stop on the way home of the beautiful Sarah. :o)


KCWoodhead said...

It was wonderful to meet you all as well! Such a fantastic treat! Maybe one of these days Ryhs can meet Bella as well!

Jill (& Bob) said...

If you don't mind, I'm not going to tell Sarah that Rhys talked about her all the way home. Unfortunately, I have failed miserably at raising a modest child. She knows boys are after her ;)

Great meeting you -- and surely with this great weather, RSV season will end early, right???