Thursday, March 19, 2009

Food strike... how many times does this make?

Rhys has decided (yet again!) that he doesn't want to eat. It seems to be a little bit different than before because we have a bottle he eats well with, we have his "recipe" of what he likes in his milk and how thick he likes it, but all of a sudden he is now able to push the bottle away and he just isn't having any part of it. This is day three, though today has been far worse than the previous two days. We have tried everything we can think of... thinner milk, different nipples, bananas or applesauce in his bottle, no cereal, more cereal. None of it works. It just doesn't make sense to me. He is totally capable of eating, he knows how, but he just doesn't. We even thought maybe he was starting the dreaded teething process because he has a lot of saliva, constantly chews his hands, hasn't slept well the last few nights and has been coughing (increased saliva can cause this), but his gums aren't swollen and everything else seems normal. Maybe teething DOES have something to do with it, but he eats below the norm as it is, so we can't have an eating strike. *sigh* We are going to the pedi again tomorrow. I hope she doesn't want to admit him for being dehydrated or anything. I don't think he's dehydrated. He doesn't ACT dehydrated. She wants us to go to speech therapy at the hospital and have another dang swallow study done. Why do we need a second swallow study? I'm fine with speech therapy but we've actually been to speech therapy and it wasn't very useful in my opinion. So, here we go again. It seems I am destined to chase this poor child with food begging him to eat for the first few years of his life.

Oh, we had our post-op consult yesterday and everything looks great. He told Rhys (a.k.a. "Superstar") that he didn't want to see him back again ever and he needed to stay away from the surgeons. Sort of funny, but the resident (who we'd never seen before) that came in to take a look before the doctor came in was just certain that Rhys had prior hernia repairs. Umm, no. I think I'd know this. He referred back to his chart (which he swore said as much) and then pointed to Rhys' incisions. On one side the steri-strips had come loose and some how stuck themselves perfectly parallel to the actual incision, only slightly higher. There was a little dried blood on the strips so you couldn't see underneath. The gauze had only fallen off that morning so that was really the first I'd looked at it. The resident really was perplexed and couldn't offer an explanation to why there would be two incisions on the same side. He went out of the room and apparently mentioned it to the surgeon because the first thing the surgeon did was remove the steri-strips to reveal nothing beneath. I thought it was kind of funny and I know the guy felt like a moron. Nothing like on the job training. :o) Thus the reason I wanted the actual surgeon and none of the "and associates" performing the procedure!


Chris and Machel said...

I hope the little big man eats more soon!! We will pray for you!!

Hilarious story!! Silly resident!!

Jodi said...

I still feel like I have to beg Olivia to eat. It does get very exhausting. I just hope that she weighs 20 lbs by her second birthday. I know that teething affects it some. . .as does her reflux. I like when people say, "When she's hungry, she'll eat." No, I think she is just that stubborn. I'm sure that character trait has had some great benefits, but it stresses mommy out. Hope the eating gets better and wish I could provide some better advice for you. If I figure it out, I'll let you know