Monday, March 23, 2009

Rhys has discovered the excitement of...

...the TAG! Rhys was lying on the couch the other day and
I noticed he was smiling so big and almost laughing and just
staring at his Boppy pillow. Then I realized the fan was making
the huge tag move around. He was mesmerized by the tag and
the pillow itself. He has also been grabbing at the
little tags on his shake and crawl ball. I'm amazed. He has a few
of the Taggie brand toys but I hadn't brought
them out yet. People, why didn't we think of this??

Someone clearly did something he didn't like! It's wasn't Mom!

I didn't get pictures of it, but Rhys helped his dad in the flower beds yesterday. :o) We're clearing out the flower beds so Cody was cutting down some shrubs. It was a gorgeous 80 degrees outside so we brought Rhys' swing out after his nap and he just sat on the front porch and watched us for over 45 minutes. That was the first he's been outside for any length of time. It was nice for him I'm sure to see some new surroundings.


Parker's mom said...

Must you brag about the weather?! LOL...It hasn't been that warm here yet...not even close! Today was a "warm" 45 degrees...ugh!

Jill (& Bob) said...


It was great to meet you today. What a small world! My e-mail is Send me an e-mail if you want me to add you to our blog permissions! Rhys is a cutie. Sarah just might have another future boyfriend!


Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

I am in love with Rhys' gorgeous blue eyes! Bernie and I just got back from Scotland and would love to come see you and the family! Let us know when you get a free moment. Miss you!