Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surgery Smurgery

Surgery, what surgery??
I'd say Rhys is acting about 90%, and I only say that because his sleep patterns are still off a bit from the meds and he isn't eating quite as well as he normally does. But he's oh so close. I've given him tiny doses of his codeine today just to make sure he is pain free, but he hasn't acted in a way that makes me think he's hurting. He ate great this morning, but this afternoon he has been too interested in the TV and he's played with his bottle. He tries to be a big boy and help me out with the bottle, but his little hands tend to get in the way.

Overall I am truly amazed at how much he is moving around and how little he acts like he has a cut up man part and two incisions on his lower abdomen. The surgeons cut the gauze covering his hernia incisions in the shape of tiny hearts (it is really cute you can tell they did it free hand) and that is the way they refer to his incisions. His "hearts" have a bit of dried blood on one side that wasn't there yesterday, but it is a very small amount and I am thinking it is from him moving around so much. I have tried to keep him still as much as possible but there is only so much I can do. Beneath the hearts are steri-strips, which I had with my c-section, that will fall off when they're ready. The hernia incisions aren't raw and dirty like the circumcision and they're covered so I haven't seen them yet. His circumcision is healing very well and the medicated salve they gave me seems to be doing the trick because it is still healing very nicely and doesn't seem to bother him that I can tell. We have a follow up next week so hopefully everything will still look great and we can get little man back into his PT!

I am still waiting on Cody to get the surgery day pictures off his cell phone so I will post them whenever I get them.


Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics! I am so happy to hear he is doing so well! Now, I have to go round up the toddler that is running around my house at 10pm! :)

Chris and Machel said...

Rhys is so cute and such a big boy!! We are glad that he is doing so well!! YEAH RHYS!!

bran1005 said...

That is one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen. He looks great!