Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prevacid - day two

This about sums it up...

Not much new going on. We're on day two of the Prevacid, and while it seems to be helping some with the potential reflux issues, it has done nothing for Rhys' tummy problems. In fact, that has majorly flared up again in the last 24 hours. He slept very little last night, and what he did sleep was not restful. He squirmed, moaned and grunted most of the night and quite a bit of the day. He was sooooo tired today. There seemed to be significantly more air shuffling, why I don't know. But, he hasn't been fighting the feeds as much (unless it is related to a tummy issue) and I haven't really seen him do his hacking/swallow episode that seemed like something was caught in his throat and he was trying to keep it down.

We have an appointment next week for the upper GI and swallow test so maybe they will be able to help us with the tummy problems as well. I am still feeding him every hour and a half to two hours during the day to make sure he is getting enough volume, but he is still falling short of his 20-22 ounces. By noon today he had only taken about three ounces and he really did not want to eat. He had a dirty diaper though and then his appetite seemed to pick up a little. He is significantly shy of what he should be taking per feed as a 2-3 month old, but I don't know if that is a Rhys thing or a preemie thing. Hopefully the PT/OT we set up with be able to address that and give us some help. We had a visit from the home health peeps today to download the apnea data and we also got a call from the Synagis people saying the insurance approved the shot and they are trying to get in touch with the clinic to deliver the meds. Rhys' 6 month boosters and Synagis shot are scheduled for next week. Oh boy. I hope he doesn't have a reaction like he seemed to have with his 2 month shots. I am not sure I can handle a semi-sickly baby on top of the tummy and feeding issues we already are dealing with.

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