Friday, January 9, 2009

Picture update

If only I were this good ALL the time.
I think I've got the pathetic lip quiver down!
I've got a few goofy faces too.
And some pretty blue eyes to boot!
I really don't like that darn apnea monitor though.
I'm still fighting with my cannula and
my face is taking the brunt of it.
Hanging with my Daddy.
We're a couple of handsome fellas aren't we?


Chris & AnnMarie said...

Precious pictures! He's really filling out and looking so adorable! Y'all are doing an awesome job!

Avinash said...

his lip quiver is so awesome!!! great pics.

Sassani Photography said...

Hey guys, Great pictures!!! I love the looks on his face. And the "Avinash" post is mine... a friend was logged in to my computer. :)

Parker's mom said...

LOVE THE PICS! Glad to hear Rhys can be a good boy! ;P

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

My fav is the quiver too. What did you guys do to him to get him to do that? LOL I'd say that one is good for showing to future girlfriends. You need some nakey pics too. Lots. Laying butt naked on a rug. Bribery material, I tell ya!

amyoutlaw said...

Great pictures!

bran1005 said...

I love the pics. He just gets cuter and cuter!

Pachar Family said...

I love the quiver! They keep that for a while so get used to it! He's so precious!