Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back from the doctor

Much better appointment this time, no waiting for 2 hours - even as a walk-in!! This was my first experience as a mom with an infant and no help. And yes, I was one of the crazy looking people who seemingly don't have it together! Rhys doesn't like his stroller (he doesn't like being strapped down in the car seat either), so imagine me carrying him in one arm and pushing the stroller with the oxygen and apnea monitor with the other all the while trying to keep his cords from getting tangled. Nice.

Anyway, Rhys has gained a little more weight than I thought, which I was happy about. We are up to 9lb 12oz with our clothes on, so now I know our scale and the doctor scale are a couple ounces different. She said he had acceptable weight gain of about half an ounce a day since his last visit, but it is on the lower end of the range. We need one ounce per day, but whatever... he's gaining, that's all I care about. Yesterday was horrible for his feeds, and today is no better, but I am trying to feed smaller amounts more frequently and that is working some. The boy has to be starving. He usually takes 20-22 ounces a day and yesterday he only took about 15. The doctor has discontinued the Zantac, we are switching to Prevacid and also doing an upper GI and swallow study. THANK GOODNESS! I hope this gives us more insight. The doctor still thinks his hernias look great and doesn't feel like that is his problem. I believe that; however I still know he screams when I hear air shuffling down there. They did an O2 saturation check at the office and little man was satting 99 on his quarter liter. Sweet! Hopefully that means we will be off the diuretics and oxygen sooner rather than later.

I swung by the NICU to say hi to some of Rhys' nurses since the doctor is right there. Every one keeps saying how big he's gotten. I guess he has - he's gained about a pound and a half since he left. The head NICU doctor came out to say hi and he said he looks great. All preemie moms loooooove hearing that, it can't be said enough!


Parker's mom said...

Oh Candice! What a mental picture I have of you trying to juggle Rhys, the O2 tank, monitor and stroller! Though it oddly looks like me trying to do the same thing this morning on our way to the pulminologist! I do feel for ya! But it sounds like Rhys is doing great! I am sure feedings will get easier and life will become a little more easy for you soon.

amyoutlaw said...

Dude, I can only imagine the frustration!