Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 6 months to our sweet baby boy!

Little man is half a year old today. What an accomplishment considering where we started. Also as of today he has been home with us for three whole weeks. My how life has changed. Rhys has really surprised me with just how quickly he started reaching some of his milestones once he got home. From rolling over to interacting with his play gym to occasionally smiling and talking to starting to raise up while lying on his tummy... he has wasted no time! Though he isn't doing everything he should for his corrected age, he was in the hospital for more than 5 months so I think we can give him a break!

Our initial ECI consultation is at the end of January, then followed by the assessment to see if he's qualified. That seems like a no-brainer to me but we'll do what they require. I am also going to contact the private therapist to see if we can't get something set up for him as well. I am still worried about his weight, but Cody tells me I shouldn't be. We're pushing him a bit with his feeds, and he is now taking about 3 ounces per feed more times than not. Very good! They shipped his scale yesterday so hopefully we should be getting it soon. He does look like he's growing though, in length maybe if not weight. Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!!
This is the only time Mommy
and Daddy can get anything done.
I wasn't really sure what to think
when I saw myself in the mirror.
I was mad at Mom for putting me
down and look what I started to do!


amyoutlaw said...

Try not to worry about the wt. You're feeding him what he's supposed to eat. I think in America babies are bigger then in most countries, kind of like the adults here so when we see a baby that's considered "normal" in wt. it looks to us like he/she is underwt. If you want to ease your mind, google the %iles for France's babies. I'm sure Rhys is considered to be in the 50%ile there! LOL. But honestly, we worry they're not big enough when they're babies and worry that they're too big when they're adults.

Use Julian as an example...I called him my little euro baby but looking at his baby pics, he was certainly plump enough! He just wasn't as plump as his playmates.
His wt. didn't make a hill of beans when it came to accomplishing his milestones on time.


hsturner said...

Amazing progress! He looks so much bigger too! Happy 6mo B-day!

Pachar Family said...

He's so stinkin' adorable!