Sunday, January 11, 2009

Colic or reflux?

After getting little to no sleep Thursday and Friday night, Cody and I paged the doctor Saturday morning. Rhys had literally screamed all night, both nights, and he was miserable - and we were exhausted. The doctor told us based on what we were describing she thinks it sounds like colic, which of course has no remedy. I'd been thinking this for a while, but I am no doctor. She called back this afternoon to check on Rhys (which I was impressed with) and said as long as he is eating, doesn't have a temp, etc. that their crying doesn't coincide with the amount of pain they're in. I read that also, but at the time it sure sounds like their pain is legit. Colic peaks at 6-8 weeks and usually goes away around 3-4 months. Rhys is over 8 weeks adjusted so I am hoping we're on the tail end of it. Saturday day was also horrible, but Rhys did sleep a bit last night. Cody and I have decided to divide the night so we can both get a small bit of uninterrupted sleep. It worked pretty well last night so we're going to continue it until Rhys gets on a schedule, which will most likely be when he no longer has to fight his tummy issues. Lucky for me (poor Cody) Rhys decided he'd sleep 5.5 hours together on my shift and I let him because we were both so tired! Today was okay, he has been only moderately fussy. He has sort of switched from the full out wail to the whimpering cry which is easier on the ears, but seems to pull at the heart a little more.

Ever since we started the Zantac I've noticed that Rhys spits up significantly more volume when he burps. Before it was a tiny amount, but now it is enough to require him or Cody to change their clothes. For some reason he hasn't spit up on me yet, but Cody feeds him more frequently so maybe mine is on the way. This happens about every other feed, which seems pretty significant. The doctor knows about the spit-up and said she was going to call us later in the week to see if we feel like the Zantac is doing anything. Not sure if the timing is coincidence or if the Zantac is causing him to spit up more. If he had reflux I'd think the meds would keep him from doing that. Strange. And, since we started the Zantac I stopped my 'round the clock doses of gripe water. I started that again yesterday morning, so hopefully that is what has given him a little relief. Poor little man. THAT is where the quivering lip came from. :o)

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Mary Anne Whiteley said...

In my opinion, Colic= the doctor doesn't want to figure out what the problem really is. That happened with my first when she had what I now know is reflux. My niece (now almost 3) has more severe reflux than either of my girls had and still has some issues with it. I know that at one time she was on Reglan, that helps move food through more quickly, thus reducing the chances of regurgitation. Also, I think Amy's mom knows a pedi GI doc, one that Ruthie went to. I don't recall the whole story. I know they ended up having to switch to a different GI doc due to insurance issues, but the one they first went to was supposed to be pretty good.

I just think that if a baby cries non-stop most of a night, there has got to be a reason if he's been fed, changed, is comfortable with the temperature and his clothes. Maybe it's not reflux. It could be an allergy. I don't know, but my guess is it's something other than colic. As his mom, I'm sure you can just feel when something is wrong. It's so difficult because babies can't tell us what is wrong. you are doing a great job, though!