Saturday, June 6, 2009

me an' my daddy

The two men in my life. Aren't they a handsome pair?

In case you were wondering where little man gets his dimples, it wasn't from my gene pool.

I also tried to get a few of just Rhys but our little pocket-sized camera, while great, isn't quite as fast as our really nice camera. So, I ended up with this for my efforts.

And this.

Before giving up after these.

We have missed three weeks of PT due to Rhys and his teething issues. He has good days and bad, and somehow his day for PT always starts out less than ideal. I am still working with him as much as he will allow and though he still isn't rolling over all the way, or sitting, I can definitely tell a difference in his mobility, both in his ability and his interest (which so far seems to be what is hindering him most).

He is still sucking properly, which is the craziest thing. It is like someone turned a switch. We aren't using as much Simply Thick in his bottles, barely any at all, though we still add cereal. Rhys cares nothing for the spoon still, but to be honest I haven't been trying a whole heck of a lot. Any time I eat I always try to give him whatever I have (obviously I would not let him try to eat a burger) and always put the straw or cup up to his lips to see if he's interested. Yesterday he actually opened his mouth for the straw so I put a little water in his mouth.

As far as the oxygen, we still have it, though I'd say it's actually doing its job only half the time. Rhys is beginning to scream and throw a fit when you put the cannula in his nose, which is slightly embarrassing when you're in public. During the night Rhys pulls off the cannula while we're sleeping so I'd say he probably wears it maybe 35% at night and 80% of the day. Yes, he still needs it, but there is only so much a person can do with baby Rhys's age. He is satting low 90s pretty consistently on his own, sometimes dipping into the high 80s for a few seconds and coming back up on his own. He should be satting 95 or better to come off the O2 completely, so we're not quite there. He is still gaining weight, never turns blue and doesn't have difficulty breathing so I am not too concerned about it. I even "captured" a fit on his pulseox this afternoon and was thrilled to see that without O2 through the whole red-faced, barely breathing, non-sissy fit he stayed in the high 80s.

Today I am: 10 months & 3 weeks old.
Adjusted I am: 6 months, 4 weeks and 1 day old.


Alicia said...

What amazing progress he's made! Here's hoping that lots more "switches" get flipped for Rhys.

Hope the teething passes quickly--seems like our kids would push us right to the brink of insanity and at the last minute, we'd get a reprieve.

He is looking strong, healthy, and completely adorable!

Debi said...

like the monkey onesie...very appropos

DCM Photography said...

I am so happy to see Rhys doing so well!