Saturday, June 20, 2009

watch out puppy dog

If only I'd have been able to capture the look on Rhys's face when Rollie jumped up on the couch beside him. Priceless!

He has been eyeing her for weeks when she walks near him, but hasn't really come in close contact. Until today. Rollie is a smart little dog and knows that Rhys can't do much, therefore she has zero interest in him because he's no fun! I think today is the first of many, in which Rollie will learn to stay far, far away from Rhys's grasp.

Rollie doesn't jump on the couch much since Rhys came home. But today she did. She hopped up and proceeded to present me and Rhys her backside. That is full of hair. Did I mention that Rollie is a Sheltie? With a full coat of hair? That is perfect for a little boy who prefers to grab and eat Mom's hair, his cannula and his hands more than his toys?

Rollie now knows! (Look very closely and you can see a few of Rollie's hairs that came out when Rhys didn't want Rollie to jump down.)


Chris and Machel said...

Too funny!! Our dogs are getting closer to Bella, but I think at first they were jealous and now like you said realize she isn't fun yet. Rhys looks so big!! Thanks for posting on the Thoe's care page. I hope all is going well in Houston!!

Jennie and Bernie McCoy said...

hahaha! Too cute! Poor Rollie! Rhys is absolutely ADORABLE and it's truly amazing how fast he's growing! I can't wait to see ya'll at the birthday! :)